Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No, It's Not Theft

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For some reason, I've been stewing about this post from Ray Comfort's bff, Tony "The Lawman*" Miano. I don't know why I've been stewing about it. I have a blog. I can rant about it. So here we go.

Frankly, the whole post, wherein The Lawman explains his Quiverfullish plan for his daughter's vaginas lives, is rantworthy, but it's the following requirement for his daughters' husbands that caused all the stewing.

The man who marries my daughter must . . .

. . . receive my consent to marry my daughter. Otherwise, he is nothing more than a thief.

No, because you can't steal people. You don't own your daughters, The Lawman. You can't own people at all in this country. Haven't been able to for, oh, 150 years or so. Your adult daughter is welcome to do anything she'd like with her life, including marry a man you don't like. That does not make him a thief, or her a runaway slave.

See, The Lawman, women in this country, in this century, have all the same rights you do. I know, it's amazing. We can vote, own property, get jobs, marry whomever we wish (in 6 states, really marry whomever we wish), use birth control. Anything you can do, we can do, too.

And that includes making our own decisions in life.

*I always hear that as announced by the "let's get ready to rumble" guy.


  1. The Lawman is a fucktard cunt waste of space. I mean that in the most polite of ways. He fucking carries a gun with him to open air preach.

  2. The Lawman is a misogynist. Simple as that.

    OT PS: Why did you change your comment settings? It no longer lets me choose Name and URL.

  3. The Lawman gives me the screaming heebie jeebies. Seriously, if I met this man in real life I believe I would be very very uncomfortable around him.
    Slightly OT, I hate it when women stand at doors waiting for a man to open it for them. Are your arms broken? Open the damn door. Sheesh! This also goes for women who wait for the man to open a car door before they get in or out. How creepy! It's like they have surrendered something vital in that one little act.

  4. My 60 year old boss will never, ever let me pick anything up, open any doors, etc. if he happens to see me attempting to do it.

    Which led to the hilarious situation of him carrying 2 huge bags of files, and a cup of coffee, and his mail, and simultaneously trying to open the door for me. After about 2 minutes of him fumbling around for a few extra hands, I finally asked him if it wouldn't be easier for me to just open the door myself.

    He was shocked. Shocked.

  5. Even disagreeing with quiverful doctrine, I think he could have said, "The man who marries my daughter must ... receive my consent ...Otherwise, he will not have my respect and God will oppose him," or something like that. Disagreeable, but at least logical from that perspective. I wonder what he would say if pressed on it, it's "spiritual theft"? You are right to rant over it.

  6. One of the guys at work did that to me the other day. I finally just gently shoved him out of the way and got the door. I've worked with him forever and honestly felt terrible watching him try to open the door and hold a pile of paperwork and his lunch.
    Then I told him nicely that he didn't have to do that for me. It was OK, I can open doors.
    Luckily he's my age so we had a good laugh over it.

  7. He is an idiot. I can respect feeling the need to approve your daughters choices. I feel that need, however fathers do not have any power of enforcement over their adult daughters, nor should they. We also have no entitlement to claim "theft"

    I have a good relationship with my daughter. I like to think she will respect my opinions, about major decisions including potential husbands. However the only power I have to insure that is the trust I have built up with her and the respect I have earned. When she is an adult I can claim no right or entitlement to be obeyed. I would like it if her potential husband would seek my approval but it is my daughters approval that will be the deciding factor.

  8. Basically he'll only be happy if his daughters marry him ... literally.

    He's a sick and twisted individual.

  9. The really sad thing is; his daughter probably agrees with him...

  10. Tony Miano is just a fine shade, a sliver, more sane than Terry. He certainly doesn't have Ray's intellect.

    Ugh, what is it with these virulently pious Christians that gives them the notion that they have dominion over others? If only they realised that they subscribe to a fantasy.


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