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Atheist or Gay, Which is Better?

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Every now and again, I question why I do this. Is blogging about atheism (and feminism and gay rights) worth the effort? Is it really that big a deal. Then I saw the following Facebook conversation and yes, it is a big fucking deal. (Because Facebook kinda sorta has an implication of privacy in that you choose whom to friend and whom to deny, I'm not using names. After the outing of Publius, I'm erring on the side of caution. However, I do have screen shots to back up my claims.)

Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman asked the following asinine question: All other issues aside, would you rather have a Gay President ... or an Atheist President? You decide....

On what planet does this occur? I suppose I can wrap my mind around the Democrats putting an atheist or an openly homosexual candidate up some time in the next 100 years, but I certainly can't picture the GOP allowing either. Unless . . . reptilian aliens from Alpha Centauri immigrate to the US in droves, and take over the Democratic party, creating a situation in which any candidate that is human seems sufficiently conservative for the GOP.

All right then, the only viable candidates against the Alpha Centaurian Democratic candidate are a homosexual and an atheist, whom do you choose?

What's the Alpha Centaurian's position on universal health care again?

117 people liked this question, btw.

Now we will peruse real answers to this ridiculous question.

We already have an atheist president. Who professes to be a Christian, attends a Christian church, was sworn in on a Bible. He's a black Richard Dawkins, isn't he just.

It's possible we may have part of both now.... Now Obama is both a church attending atheist and a married TO A WOMAN, father of two homosexual? Is there no mask this man doesn't wear?

no, we have a muslim pres who attends church and was sworn in ON A BIBLE. next someone is going to ask for the birth certificate.

It's about the same thing, I say neither!

neither are alright with me!!!

one person isn't buying the Alpha Centaurian invasion scenario: Um, I really am not really sure why you just gave those two choices...

Wonders why such an obscure question? Must we be so negative in our hopes for the future? yes, because nothing could be more horrible than an atheist or a homosexual as president. coughgeorgewbushcough.

I believe a Gay president IS an atheist president. I don't . . . is this a No True Scotsman or something? I know christian gays. I'm an atheist but not gay. i dunno.

I think the president is gay! Oooh, gay as a pejorative, because I'm 5 years old!

wow...thats a hard one!! God would still be in control either way! if god's always in control, why even vote? i don't suppose anyone thinks I could sell this to the fundys?

ummm neither but we have a Muslim prez so its pretty much atheist but neither! MUSLIMS ARE NOT ATHEISTS.

Either way it would be horrific. I pray this doesn't happen in my life, but with the current president and the way the world is at present... "Horrific"? Worse than the Alpha Centaurians? I dunno, I heard they eat babies.

I don't care as long as they do their job properly. Seperation of Church and State people. Their religious/sexual standpoint should not change how they run our country. I love you.

(same poster) Separation* I love you even more now.

Does it really matter? One doesn't believe in God and the other may say they do but continue to sin as if they don't. Either way, God doesn't matter to them. and that has what to do with being POTUS?

eww why would u say something like that??? HOW ABOUT NEITHER!!! that has to be the first time "atheist" has evoked "eww". what do you suppose she thinks an atheist is?

i assume the question is: atheist + gay or just atheist... i'd go with atheist... it would be just as it's now... :P reading comprehension fail.

Gay, because an Atheist might take our freedom of worship away. how do these people keep finding out about the global takeover and stamping out of theism?

Neither, I would prefer to have a President who isn't afraid to Pray and ask for the Lord's guidance. why is "pray" capitalized? this explains why people liked Bush, btw. he didn't actually do anything for our country, but at least prayed.

I would much rather have a gay president. There are many gay people who love God and believe in him...they obviously do not believe his word-or at least not all of it...but at least with a gay president, we have a shot at keeping our country "one nation under GOD":) yes, because the first thing an atheist POTUS would do is ban religion. we're funny like that. oh, and Treaty with Tripoli, Article 11.

the same person who thinks atheists are all "eww" has no idea what "technically" means: Technically we do have a gay and atheist pres right now.

Gay does not mean Atheist. A gay pres would just be open minded to pretty much everything and give gays more rights to basically do anything. An atheist pres may bring upon religious damnation. so in conclusion, i vote gay president. i would like to keep my religious freedom. "i'd rather have teh butt seks than stop going to church"

I know gay people who actually go to church and believe in God..I don't think they are saved and I don't agree with their lifestyle, but I can get along with a gay person better than an athiest. if i had to!

Are you kidding? Neither would win a primary, unless you consider finishing last a victory. Believe it or not this country isn't that far gone. that's about 100 comments in, and he's the first person to notice how ridiculous a premise this is.

This is the devil's advocate. A gay president will promote gay marriage. An Atheist, believing that law is evolutionary, and not having any Biblical moral code, will also promote whatever he feels is good for the people, and that would more than likely include gay marriage at this point in this nation.An atheistic president would be the worst of the two, but neither would do the country good. I don't think you have any idea what a devil's advocate is. Also, if both a gay president and an atheist president result in (the horror!) gay rights, why is an atheist president worse? and wtf does "believing that law is evolutionary" mean? what a trainwreck.

an atheist president will most likely lead to pushing gay rights to get approval from other faggots so either way it would suck. you're aware that the atheist was presumably not gay in this example, right? (btw, his profile pic is the most amazingly beefcakey pic i've seen in a while.)

gay president cause they will want gay rights and stuff, but atheist's too and they stand for a lot of other horrible things. like? seriously, what other . . . oh, i suppose if you consider gay rights horrible, i do stand for a lot of other horrible things.

Way to be intolerant... does it really matter? i love you, as well.

Point to ponder...could he really be gay without being an atheist? YES.

How are they different? Athiests don't believe in our God, and neither do homosexuals... (although homosexuals might believe in a god, just not the God of the Bible.) Both would be equally harmful. atheists do not believe in any supernatural beings. you just said homosexuals might, therefore, they are not automatically atheists. way to disprove your own point, asshat.

What is wrong with all of you people?? I have never seen such a display of idiocy! If you all really believe in God like you say you do, then you would have to have the faith that if YOU pray to him, God will not let you down and will protect us from harm. Gay, straight or religious or atheist, we would be in the place that God would think is right for us to grow and learn. This is the kind of thinking that put Bush in office for 8 years! Hello messed up country in recession! Hey, wait...Bush was religious and straight! Lot good that did us! Guess that doesn't work either! look, it's reality!

Atheist...with the power of God, he/she can be turned to the Lord. god doesn't have power over homosexuals? good to know.

A gay president, at least he just hates himself, an Atheist hates everyone around him. no, we just hate you.

What the heck does a gay or atheist president have to do with anything? You know this page is really, really hateful. So full of hate that it's ridiculous. I don't think I want to be part of this anymore. I don't think I wanted to be part of it in the first place. uncomfortable self realization, live on the internet.

What we all seem to forget is that this country was founded on Christian Principles, not those principles or interpretations that bend for what you want to happen as it fits your needs. We as a nation need to stand up and say that the things that are happening with our tax payer dollars are not what we as Christians wish for them to be spent on, funding abortions in other countries, these large corporations that spent and spent but did not think about the future only the present and their salary. We also need to take note of those Congress and House members that continue to vote in the non Christian manner and get them out of office. So in answer to your question, neither, if they can't be Christian in all forms they don't need to be in office. Remember they are judged on their fruits.... that's right kids: in the US of A, only christians should be in office.

well not trying to be stupid or make anyone mad but we have a Gay president already he is always smiling like he is Happy doesnt gay mean Happy that is what i tell my six year old what gay means isn't your six year old in for quite the surprise.

neither, a woman because women are never gay or atheists.

This entire pole is disgusting. lulz.

If I had to choose between the two, I would definately say athiest. I feel an atheist would still have better moral standing. Though he may try to change religious freedoms, I would rather have to pray in secret, than allow my children to be told that it is ok to be gay. what is with the constant refrain that the first thing an atheist president would do is violate the constitution and outlaw religious belief.

Someone that followed the Laws of the USA. then you'd be okay with atheists and gays?

A gay would be a fucked up Atheist anyway if he was doing the "act" with his other gay fallows up the anus. mmmm-yeah.

not gay, because the White House might turn pink and purple.Athiest, maybe, because everyone can change with enough prayer. i know, right? a gay stepped through my front door just last week and the whole house turned pink and purple. i spent the whole week repainting!

we'll end with what i think may be the plot to a porno:

Neither! Take both of them out in the woods with the Holy Bible and some Holy Water and have a come to Jesus meeting!!! Praise God!


  1. Wow. This is just... disturbing.

    And I am officially furious with the implication that Atheists have "some hope" but gay people apparently don't.

  2. it's so offensive. most people acted like the question was "would you rather be loved by an infectious disease or eaten by a koala?"

    ummmm . . . eaten by a koala.

  3. The head of the state government (Social Democrats) in Berlin is openly gay and even brings his partner to official events. His colleague in the next biggest German city, Hamburg (Christian Conservatives), is a little less openly gay (he's Hamburg upper class, they simply don't talk about their sex lifes either straight or gay or whatever...).
    The head of the third biggest German party (Liberals, probably closest to what Americans would call "Democrates") is gay and I don't care about his partner policies because I simply can't stand that guy.

    The general reaction was something like:
    "So what?"
    "Good, at least he's not participating in the human genpool"
    "Could you please talk about his work and not his bedroom?"

    We also had and have several atheists in the government. Probably also a Chancellor. Who cares?

    At least we don't have politicians who try to buy sex at public toilets...

  4. At this point, if I get universal healthcare and they can stop the economic apocalypse, I'll take the Alpha Centaurians. We can work something out regarding the baby eating.

  5. The more I read idiotic "dicussions" like this, the more I realize that God-loving Americans are generally obsessed with sex.

    In January, Iceland became the first nation to have a lesbian head of state. The general reaction of Icelanders: "Eh, so vhat?" and:

    "My usually taciturn father agreed strongly. 'She is the most trusted and respected politician in the country,' he said, 'and she is simply the best person available for the job. Ja, that is just pervert thinking,' he replied when I told him that her sexual orientation would probably be more newsworthy in America than anything else surrounding her appointment."

    Only in America (and other religiously oppressive nations) is what a person does in the bedroom with other consenting adults considered relevant to a person's ability to perform a job well.

  6. Fannie, I am now going to have to quote your father at every available opportunity... with the accent, yet. "Ja, that is just pervert thinking."


  7. That is either the start of a hardcore homosexual fantasy or a B movie horror flick.

  8. The Scientologists must be feeling left out...

  9. I think I've seen that movie . . .

  10. Fannie, i am *also* going to have quote that, in an accent (i'm sorry, the closest i can get is German accent - is that ok?)

    PF: honestly, i am totally floored by the guy (gal?) who said s/he "didn't want to be part of this hate". and the other people who thought the whole question was bullshit bigotry.

    and slightly more hopeful of the human race.

    but you may be right about those Alpha Centaurians...


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