Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty Everywhere

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Even if you don't play video games, this is beautiful.


  1. I'm about to purchase my first games console in about a decade and it's looking like an XBox 360 due, in large part, to the awesomeness of AC2.

    Just got to hope that it doesn't over-heat and bust like yours has appeared to do (repeatedly!)

  2. WANT.

    I'm playing through the first one again to whet my appetite. I've seen gameplay shots of II, and it looks even better than the original.

  3. I know, it's so beautiful. I was replaying through the original, which I highly recommend. Yes, it has its issues, which apparently have largely been resolved in the sequel, but it's still an amazing, and amazingly beautiful, game.

    ExPatMatt: as obnoxious as the xbox breakage has been, they do replace them free of charge, and you can't beat the graphics or the exclusive games. you should definitely try Assassin's Creed. The first bits of it are a little boring as they set everything up, but once you get to Damascus (which they properly pronounced "damasque"), you'll be in love.

  4. I need to play through the first one again. It just got a little monotonous near the end. I do want the new one. I am really looking forward to Bioshock 2 though.

    Ghostbusters is taking up my time right now.

  5. Bioshock 2- I can't wait! I played Bioshock about 6 times, and I'm thinking of playing it again. (Hubby calls my behavior obsessive- I call it getting my money's worth.)

  6. Obsessive... I just started playing World of Warcraft. I've had to impose a mandatory restriction to "only weekends" on it.

  7. I've taken sick days to play video games.

  8. Bah EC get away from the crap and come to a real MMO like Warhammer. :)

  9. oh, dear, the MMO Holy Wars have begun.

  10. I only have one friend who plays Warhammer, and a hundred who play wow. If there's an exodus of them, perhaps.

  11. i can't play video games right now - one of the meds i am on causes an eye issue, so watching graphics gives me what is essentially motion sickness -

    which SUCKS because my hunter! i miss WoW!

    Pbtthbpt! to you, Beam! (Wow is the ONLY online game i have ever been able to play more than once or twice... and i hate Warhammer in general, but that is bcuz of my exhusband lol)

    just remember, *I* am the First Priestess and Grand General of all the Goddess Personal Failure's Armies! you are just a lowly Major-General! ba-whahahahaha!
    wait. are you the Major General or the Lt. General?

    either way - *EVILLAUGHTER*

  12. I am Slayer given over to shame and the only redemption I can seek is death in battle. I don't fear death I embrace it and become it. Grungi will guide my axes, are you worthy enough to restore my honor or just one of the millions of unworthy dead. In other words bring it denelian. :)

  13. don't have to bring it - i outrank you!


    i have all the power of glittery invisible pink unicorns and sparkly purply winged pegasi, not to mention that bad-ass power of an entire navy of Narwhel whales!
    and, also, i have trebuchets.

  14. Rank, bah, who has need for that. All there is the fight and who is alive at the end.

  15. The original was a hot bimbo, you loved her because she was beautiful to look at but what a vacant, monotonous bitch.

    As an artist, I'm always critical of game art, but that was the first game I ever played where I thought it was absolutely beautiful yet I found the game pretty much blew. How many fucking times can I have to do the same damn thing? Oh look, another tower to climb! Oh joy, another pickpocket mission! Meh


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