Monday, June 22, 2009

My Iranian Doppleganger

iran, Moussavi, protests, tehran
The woman in the middle, holding up the picture of Moussavi, behind the woman in the white and blue scarf, looks just like me. She's my Iranian doppleganger (I wonder if there is such a word in Farsi), and in this picture she is happy and hopeful. In this picture, my Iranian sister thinks that her vote can change the world, or at least her little corner of it.

I wonder if she's still alive.
Pay attention to her, and all the other Iranians like her. They're changing the world.


  1. What's that got to do with the Xbox? Stop straying into these trivial matters when we're discussing computer games!

    Even if these protests are unsuccessful, the seeds have been sown. By the time the current ruling class dies off, a new, educated generation will have risen that will guide the country back onto a more sensible path (I hope).

    Of course, this runs counter to American interests. A stable, friendly Iran would be a real force to contend with in the region and would challenge US occupation....

  2. Of course, Iran as it is today provides us with an actual case of what a society completely ruled by religion looks like.

    No wonder the Iranian people are prepared to risk their lives to change it.

  3.'re kinda cute. Who knew?



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