Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Redefining Logical

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Chris Geiser, at Food for the Soul, has redefined "logical", proving the existence of god, Jesus and hell via profanity.

Yes, profanity.

(note: Mr. Geiser does not feel the need to waste time dividing his posts into paragraphs. I do.)

I just saw a trailer to a movie called Drag Me to Hell. It looks really scary. A while ago I visited the movie's website and it is rather eye opening. It has one of the better website flame graphics I've seen, but I'm not sure I would call it "eye opening". Maybe it's the way all the text isn't jammed into one tiny space that Mr. Geiser finds eye opening.

When secular people atheists! go to see that movie and have heard to the? whole gospel preached to them before wow, who's letting that happen? i mean, the whole gospel. yeah, it's long., I am sure they will probably think about what they heard from the faithful believer who told them the good news. no, no we won't. we don't stop to think about these things while enjoying harmless entertainment. hello, just a movie!

Hell sure seems like it is the real deal. uh, it does? have you been there? wouldn't that be a better post than this one? And it is because it is logical and biblical. hell isn't really biblical, nor is it particularly logical. though thanks for the chuckle. I think that if God, Jesus, or Hell didn't exist, people wouldn't be using God or Jesus Christ's name as curse words when they are mad or scared nor say "What the H-ll" when they are made made what? made scared? what? or scared, either. allow me to explain the nature of profanity to you, Mr. Geiser. it's cultural. the entire purpose of profanity is to be offensive and shocking. in a nation of christians, profanity invoking christian themes will be popular. atheists use those words because everyone else does. this does not reflect any belief in god, jesus or hell. what do you think "fuck!" is all about anyway?

let me put it to you another way: if people found blinking as shocking and crass as mentioning defecation in public, then "oh, blink!" would be the sort of thing you say when you drop a heavy box on your foot.

Nobody uses Allah, Buddha or Mother Nature as curse words. i dunno about that. different cultures do consider different things offensive. actually, i looked up Arabic profanity and got a very amusing list of insults and obscenities. most of them would be equally insulting to an english speaker, but some of them are distinctly different in flavor. Rooh fi siteen alf dahya, for example, apparently means get lost in 60,000 disasters. i guess 50,000 disasters isn't quite enough, but 70,000 is excessive. I know people don't say ,"Mary mother of G-d" as a curse word anymore but they did when? as far back as my grandmother that was an expression of surprise and fear, not an insult or an attempt to be offensive...and why did they, if the whole story of Jesus coming to earth through the virgin Mary wasn't true? i'd just like to say "duh."

I would like to note something else. Muslims, or at least Shi'a Muslims, do believe in Jesus, just not as god. They believe Jesus was born of a virgin, was an important prophet, ascended bodily into heaven and will return at the end of days, some time after al Mahdi. Yet they never invoke Jesus as a profanity, thus disproving Mr. Geiser's theory that we profane what we believe in.

No one thinks of those things when they aren't born again because they are blind and must be gently told that they are wearing someone else's eye-glasses. what? what does that even mean? am i blind or merely wearing the wrong prescription? and how would i not notice that i had someone else's glasses on? trust me, wearing the wrong prescription is immediately obvious. Condemnation awaits them John 3:18, not only from their own doing but because Satan has a play in it too. damn satan, always fucking things up. Satan's work can be destroyed through the light of the gospel in a dark place. so, not in the rather overly lit room i am in right now? guess i'm screwed. Revelation 21:8. John 3:16.


  1. That list of Arabic curses is wonderful. Some of them are so astounding, I think I'm going to try to use them. Well, the translations.

  2. This guy is gonna make my brains leak out my ears with his SMRT.

    BTW, *now* the Google ad I'm getting below this screen is FOR AN ARTICLE USING LOGIC AND INTELLIGENCE TO PROVE THAT JESUS IS GOD. And it pictures a dude in a plaid shirt WITH A JESUS BELT BUCKLE. I think perhaps a DIFFERENT AD PROGRAM IS CALLED FOR. Unless you're the opposite of a Poe?

  3. see, the problem is that my posts contain words like "jesus" and "christianity", so AdSense pulls ads with the same tags, and there aren't any atheists with ads, so . . . yeah.

    I dunno, it's like going to a Christian site and seeing a mostly naked woman hawking a hookup service. Irony at its most greedy.

  4. Chris is funny. I tried to get him to explain how he knew Hell was real and then he banned me from his blog....a couple of months later he appears at my blog and notes that he's not heard from me in a while.

    He seems pretty obsessed with Hell, from what I've seen, and I'm not sure that it's healthy.

  5. By Jove! I think he is on to something. So the god Jupiter must now exist because Jove is Jupiter.

  6. how does one properly worship jupiter?

  7. Well Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus, so maybe the same things that work for Zeus?

    According to wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_(mythology)#Worship

    You have to build temples for him with altars of some sort. So some kind of sacrifice I am sure.

  8. Interesting little fact from wiki, which I verified in the dictionary, the word jovial comes from Jove/Jupiter.

    Of course we also use the terms Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Start building temples to Tyr, Wodan, Thor, Frigg or Freyja, and Saturn too.

  9. As I recall, Jupiter likes parades. And sex with pretty much anything that will bend over.

    I'm pretty sure that the worship ceremonies are kind of self-explanatory after that.

  10. so . . . we'll build the temple, then parade around in front of it having sex while someone sacrifices . . . um . . . spiders?

  11. You just described my Friday nights.

    Well, except when Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers are in town...

  12. i am disturbed by people who claim to be Biblical scholors who seem to not know that Hell isn't in the Bible, except possibly in Revelation where it could be argued but not conclusively - i've always thought that "The Pit" only had "Satan" in it...

    sorry, babbling.

    also, if we are talking about ads that are seen on this blog - there is one for a "Pregnancy crisis center" sort of place (but the page opens and then goes into a weird thing where i can't really use the page... it is http://medihealthchoices.com/?keyword=abortion that the ad takes you too...)


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