Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Reality of Dr. Tiller

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Rarely do we hear the stories I will link to below, the true stories of heartbreak and loss behind all the rhetoric that surrounds late term abortion, and Dr. Tiller. These stories made me cry, and reminded me that behind all the signs and slogans are real people and real suffering.

Never forget the people behind the debate. When you do, you risk becoming a monster.

Nicholas' mom

Nathan Jack's mom



  1. That is the most heartbreaking part of this debate, the stories of these women. The protesters make it sound like women who were 8 months pregnant suddenly decided that they didn't want a baby and would have an abortion (which proves that these men were in fact, never pregnant. By 8 months you're pretty damn committed to the pregnancy). In reality these women wanted babies, and this was the hardest decision they could make.
    And honestly? If my OB had told me that my daughter would be born just to die shortly after birth after being in terrible pain? Yeah, I would have chosen a late-term abortion too. Because I wouldn't want her to suffer. That's what these people will never understand. I'm not sure why, but they will just never get that the decision these women have to make is just that terrible, but in the end they made the right one.

  2. Yeah, I just do not buy that women are getting 40 weeks into pregnancy and then saying, "You know what? fuck this, I want a beer."

    That's insane.

    I cannot imagine being 6 months pregnant and finding out that the baby you love with all your heart is going to die the instant it is born, that the only thing keeping it alive is your body.

    Seriously, try to imagine carrying that baby to term: every time you see your belly, thinking about your soon-to-be-dead baby. Every stranger's innocent question would be like a knife to the heart.

    I cannot judge these women for choosing to end the pain a few months sooner than nature would have anyway. I don't think anyone has the right to.

  3. Good post. I linked it in what I just wrote about Dr. Tiller. I wonder if those who believe that mothers should be forced to carry & deliver a dying baby ever even consider these types of stories.

  4. Oh, they either gloss over it or give this incredibly uncaring line: If it's going to die anyway, far better to let it die on its own then to do something about it a few months early.

  5. Those stories made me get all weepy!

    This shit pisses me the fuck off! Woman do not get late term because they want to, or they think it would be fun. They do it because they are faced with impossible choices, and they decide that might be best for them.

    And doctors do not just give abortion because they think it is fun to kill babies. There is NO doctor out there that would be willing to abort a perfectly health baby 1 month from birth, without there being some sort of major risk to the mother or the baby.

    Those heartless, cold abortion doctors that punch babies in the face when they see them on the street only exist in the demented wet dreams of people like O'Reilly.

  6. It's very easy to make black and white judgements on situations you have never been thru.
    When my wife and I were full on fundies we were anti abortion and anti IVF (because they fertilize a dozen eggs, implant a couple of the best zygotes and freeze the rest. The frozen zygotes are rarely used and ultimately get destroyed. Thus murdered to our christian mindset)

    Well, after 13 years married and no children guess what? We seriously re-evaluated IVF, and our son was a result of IVF treatment. He's now 11 and we're both atheist.


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