Friday, June 5, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

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The cognitive dissonance of the peculiar sect of fundamentalist Christianity that is premillienial dispensationalism has to be crushing. Absolutely crushing. So, it was with both amusement and pity that I watched the thread CountUP to the Rapture grow on Rapture Ready.

"How long can they count," I thought, "before the obvious occurs to them?"

So far, we're at day 41, and we've reached a level of pathetisad previously unseen in human history.

100knight got the ball rolling: Basically, we increase the number everyday until the King comes for us. Since we don't know when it is, we count up instead of down. And of course it stops when HE calls us. We can also discuss any other things we have in mind




Sorry if this is a bad idea...

I really expected the mods at Rapture Ready (who disappear dissenters with an efficiency Pinochet would have envied) to nip this one in the bud.

Not Perfect But Forgiven expresses the general premil attitude towards life: I'll get on board with that. I'm growing more tired of this sinful world each day. I'm sort of upset we can even count to "1" in this situation. It can't come soon enough!

Seated doesn't seem to understand what reverse psychology is: Reverse Psychology at it's finest!

it all starts getting a little down on day 4:

cieralovesantonio: unfortunatley 4 come soon jesus. todays good 4 me

cocopea9052: Whew okay, thanks Day 8, got it. Oh please let's not see double digits!

100knight: Oh noes! We've reached 10!!!!! WAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

despair sets in at day 20:

cocopea9052: Have we grown tired of the Count Up already. No one posted Day 19 and now we are almost at the end of Day 20. I know this sucks doesn't it? We don't really want a count up, what we need is a count down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100knight: DAY 34*sigh*

now at day 41, true pathetisad has arrived:

acceptedinthebeloved: I haven't been keeping count in here very much, but I just wanted to drop in and mention that the biblical meaning of the number 42 is "Departure"... shall we dare to hope?!

nothing like a little numerology with your rapture.

Take Me Away!: 41 people!!!!!!!! Lord, please let it be soon! We are so so tired......

yeah, counting does that to me, too.

I think I'll take a look back in another 41 days and see what comes after pathetisad.


  1. 10 bucks says they give up before then.

  2. Of course if one was inclined they could keep it going for them.

  3. If you are relying on Drew Carey Show for your combos I believe it is Wierdork. :-)

  4. You have to feel sorry for them - borderline suicidal seems to be a common trait over there.

  5. What these people have is a bad case of True-believer syndrome.

  6. LOL at: "yeah, counting does that to me, too."

    I would be willing to start that thread at any website where people would pick up the ball and run with it, just to increase cognitive dissonance. Amazing they would start such an exercise on their own. It seems like they are just begging to be confronted with reality.

  7. I'm growing more tired of this sinful world each day. I'm sort of upset we can even count to "1" in this situation. It can't come soon enough!

    We really need to make sure none of these people get anywhere near that big red button in the White House.....

  8. Rob F.;
    erm... can you spell out the link? it seems to be broked :(

  9. I just had a funny thought, someone should tell them that the number counter at Ray's is an accurate count up ;P

  10. "I'm sort of upset we can even count to "1" in this situation."

    Translation: "Yo, Jesus, what's the damn hold up? You should have been here by now! Seriously, making us wait. Just who the hell do you think you are?"


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