Monday, June 29, 2009

Pimping Dead People for Jesus

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I've seen this sort of thing more than a few times in the last week, and I think it's disgusting.

I don't know where Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon will be spending eternity.

In heaven??? Or hell???

Wherever they are...I'm sure that they are crying out for you to get reconciled with Jesus.

If you don't KNOW that your eternity is secure in heaven then you can be certain that it's not!

Jesus said we can know that we are heaven bound.Not wish or hope, but literally know.

The Holy Spirit confirms and convinces us.

Where will YOU spend eternity?*

I shouldn't have to tell anyone this, but Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon all have families and others who loved them. Those people are hurting right now, and it is incredibly disrespectful and disgusting to pimp the recently deceased for Jesus.

Plus, can you imagine reading the above about your not-even-cold-yet loved one? Are they in heaven, are they in hell- who knows? If I believed in such things, I would be enraged and hurt to see someone speculating that my loved one might be burning in hell for all eternity.

Just another case of "Jesus makes me immune to normal rules of civility", I guess.

*click the link for a look at the posters psychotic unusual use of font sizes.


  1. That is absolutely disgusting. I say things that are in poor taste, but even I wouldn't say that. Not even joking.

  2. Fucking gravemongers, they should be shot. I wish one of the family members tears them a new asshole.

  3. You think that's ghoulish? You should see what the believers send to each other.

    The NIU shootings of a couple years ago were apparently a sign of imminent revival. I'm still waiting for the evidence...

  4. Any belief system that relies on fear to maintain itself must false.

  5. UnBeguiled,

    Except for the Greeks who practiced Phobosianism - they were pretty dead-on with the fear thing...

    Fear-mongering Christian chumps will use any death, it doesn't matter whose, for their cause; they have no shame.

  6. The fonts. Was that a blog post or a ransom letter?

  7. Of course if Billy Mayes is in heaven trying to convince people to come to Jesus Christianity might just have a chance.

    "For the price of one just one immortal soul and three monthly payments of all your dignity and self respect you can have the amazing Jesus. Jesus is not only an ancient bronze age myth, no Jesus is also a perfect excuse to feel superior, and an excuse for any screwed up thing you do. Wait there's more, if you act now the amazing Jesus will throw in speaking in tongues at no extra charge. So you can have it all, Smug arrogance, forgiveness for whatever crimes you want to commit and the ability to say stupid nonsensical things all for the same low low price. Start praying today"

  8. I felt the urge to go play with Tracy. We had such fun at Holy Club. I am arguing that the God of the Bible is acting as a mafia boss.

  9. Ryk wins! :D

    And Geds, don't you know? The evidence is all around us, but it's all stuff that has to be spiritually discerned! Which means now that we don't wear the magic Jesus goggles, we're stuck with only our faulty human understanding. Boo hoo.

    The reason so much of Christianity looks foolish isn't because it IS foolish, it's because you lack faith. Also, that is a totally bitchin' new suit the emperor's wearing, don't you think?

  10. @Beamstalk: I am arguing that the God of the Bible is acting as a mafia boss.

    Ah! So you've heard my pastor's sermon on tithing, then, have you? ^_^

  11. Ah! So you've heard my pastor's sermon on tithing, then, have you? ^_^


    No, I just read the Bible.


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