Monday, June 8, 2009

Even at My Worst

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I was never this bad.

Most people tend to view sin as simply the things you shouldn't be doing, most of which you wouldn't do anyway, such as murdering and stealing. The bible defines sin, at least in the New Testament, as any random passing consideration of something sinful, such as thinking "nice ass" when a person of your preferred sex, who has a nice ass, walks by. Fundys really take this to heart.

To anyone who hasn't been exposed to this particular definition of sin, it seems unfathomable: how can anyone control all of their thoughts? It's not possible, so why expect it of people?


If I can make you feel guilty and despondent at the fact that, just like any other human on the planet, you occasionally get lustful or angry, I can control you. And, if I can convince you that these passing thoughts will doom you to an eternity of torment, even if you never act on them, and never would, I own you.

What really pisses me off about this is how beaten down fundys get about all this. It took me the better part of a decade to learn to like myself, to accept myself for who I am: snarky, geeky, irritable and nowhere near the media ideal of beautiful. To watch fundys beat themselves into submission for the great crime of being human makes me angry. They are wasting the only life they will ever get hating everything about themselves, apologizing for every thought, not once enjoying what it is to be human.

They'll never get another chance at this, and they're fucking wasting it.

Twinkling of an Eye starts the thread with: I remember one time many years ago i was talking with my born-again Christian brother, and i remember him saying that he believed it was possible for a Christian to go one day without sinning.
Do you think that's so? I've often wondered. One whole day without sinning...

and while you're dreaming of that, i'm enjoying a nice fantasy about [censored], and i gotta tell you, hot!

yogi3939 defines the only conditions under which (s)he believes this could happen: I know I did it one time. I was in the hospital and drugged for severe pain after a car accident. I know I spent at least one day without waking up or dreaming.

guys? it's okay to like yourself. i'm sure you have good qualities.

Christina makes me a little sadder:
I doubt it very much because we are responsible for our thoughts and sometimes thinking the idea is the same as doing it, I know I'm on my knees daily asking the Lord to forgive me for something, either something I did, said, thought or a way in which I reacted to someone or something.

no, you're not responsible for your thoughts, any more than you're responsible for the workings of your digestive system. brains think, it's what they do.

Sunny takes it to a whole new level (Rapture Ready does tend to be an ongoing "i can outfundy anyone!" contest): I doubt it. Our sin goes into the deepest parts of us. It's out thoughts and motives that we don't even notice that would get us, not the easy stuff that you can point out.

this isn't even thoughtsin here, this is subconscious-sin. she's holding herself responsible for thoughts she isn't even aware of! seriously!

cocopea9052 is apparently reading from a different bible than the rest of us: Well I know my biggest daily sin is impatience and irritation over still being here!. I'm always saying , "I'm sorry Lord, I don't mean to be this way, I know your coming back in your time". Then 5 minutes later, I'm like, ok God why are we still here! And if I hear of something bad or tragic happening, then I get downright angry about it. It is a daily, no hourly, no minute struggle. Really it is. I am constantly praying for patience.

first of all, utterly tragic that you are spending every irreplaceable moment of this life wishing for it to be over. secondly, when did impatience become a sin?

1angel4u feels guilty for being angry at a door. a door!: Yesterday I got so angry at our front door

I'm not kidding though, my key does not work on our deadbolt because our house has "settled" according to my DH. ~~~just get it fixed~~~

So, I litterally have to drop my purse, my bag from work, groceries that I picked up on the way home from work and then when I finally got it open - using two hands - I flung the mail on the floor of the living room and stomped in using four-letter words.

It's very unlike me. But, I've been putting up with this stupid lock/key problem for months now!

It sounds so petty, I know

I prayed for forgiveness right away.

I'm so sick of this world. I remember a time when we didn't even have to lock our doors.

(hey! the emoticons came through! all RR posts are like that, if not worse.) where in the bible is it written that anger against inanimate objects is a sin? oh, and profanity- not a sin. taking the lord's name in vain is forbidden, but generalized profanity is never mentioned in the bible.

Living by Faith considers being sentient a sin: No,and anyone who says they can is most likely sinning right there. It's very arrogant and boastful to think that way,IMHO.
God is so holy and pure,that the things we think of as no big deal are a huge sin before a holy God. Things like pride and stubbornness and lack of trust in Him,complaining.. lobotomies! they need lobotomies, and then they can be godly.

I find it incredibly irritating when fundys say that atheists are without morals because we are without god, but you know what? I'll take complete and utter immorality to hating everything about myself and spending all day, every day, fearing my every thought. People who actively encourage self hatred should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. Growing up, I was told the same thing that everyone sinned everyday. I would sit up at night trying to think of how I sinned. I often times couldn't come up with something.

    I had insomnia as a kid, so I had lots of time to think about it. I don't think the insomnia was related because after I stopped trying to think about it every night, I still didn't sleep.

  2. I used to sit up at night worried that the devil was reading my thoughts and that if I thought about exactly the wrong thing, I'd end up in hell a moment later. I'd spend half the night thinking things I thought were hellworthy then mentally shouting desperate apologies at god.

    Children being the way they are, it's probably not a good idea to expose them to concepts like that.

  3. Those poor, poor people! So much for a loving God, huh?

  4. Funny how they worry so much about the thoughts their brains produce and don't worry about what goes into their brain that's producing the thoughts.

    If I were thinking all day that I shouldn't have any ice cream, I would consume gallons of ice cream daily.

  5. Hahaha, well, in the New Testament "idle banter" is classified right along with anger and jealous and all that jazz, so I've been to churches where talking about movies and food and music was frowned upon, because that was idle chatter and disrespectful to God.

    That kind of thinking is so dreary and colorless and depressing. Can suck the happy right out of the room.

  6. I have to say I share common ground with the rapture ready types. I also devote a lot of time fantasizing about a world without Christians in it.

  7. They should do everyone a favour and just kill themselves.


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