Monday, September 21, 2009

¿Hablas Wingnuttian?

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I'm starting to think the journalista chronicle might be a Poe. Surely no one in real life is actually that much of a clichéd Republican. Surely not.

Her latest article begins as a screed against a government website in- ¡gasp!- Spanish. I know, right? It's insane, providing Spanish-speakers with information in Spanish. What kind of communists are we?

Journalista, in case you read this, there are many legal aliens and US citizens that speak Spanish natively, and speak English. However, and I speak from experience here, no matter how fluent you become in another language, no language will ever be as comfortable to you as your native tongue. That's why we provide translations of government notices, etc.- to ensure that nonnative speakers are absolutely clear on what it is we're trying to tell them. Asshat.

What follows next is an admission of both crimes and bigotry.

I have to admit, I don’t mind them being here. I just think that if they work, they should pay taxes like everyone else. And if they aren’t legal, the government shouldn’t be footing their bill. Living in S. California it’s nice to have someone to clean my house and keep up the yard and help me flip my houses for a really cheap price, and most illegal immigrants that I have met are really sweet, but I also don’t think that my tax dollars need to go to individuals who broke the law and came to this country illegally. If they’re here illegally, and don’t pay taxes, then they should not benefit from those of us who do put money into the system…I mean, that have our money stolen from us by the government and put into the system.

Yeah, journalista doesn't mind letting "really sweet" illegals scrub her toilets or mow her lawn or help her make money, but she doesn't want them stealing her tax dollars! How dare the people that help her make a buck quick want to drive on her roads and visit her hospitals and . . . and . . . breath her air? That's Amurkin air! It's for Amurkins!

First of all, journalista, you are committing a crime every time you pay an undocumented worker. Glass houses, my dear. I'm sorry you don't like scrubbing your own toilets, but you're a criminal.

Secondly, how could anyone possibly live in the US and not pay taxes? You pay taxes at the store, at the gas pump, and when you pay your landlord, you're helping to pay their property taxes. Nobody is not paying taxes in this country.

Next, the same person that flips houses and pays someone else to clean up after her is "taxed to death".

Honey, you aren't "taxed to death". For one thing, you're still alive, unless your ghost wrote this little bit of ridiculousness. Secondly, if you have the money to flip houses and hire a maid and a gardener, you're not poor. I'd say come talk to me about being poor, but you have people right at hand to have that discussion with: the undocumented workers you hire.

But I suppose you'd actually have to, you know, listen to them for that.


  1. Hey, according to one of the commenters to her latest blog post, by writing about her you lose, and she WINS! At what? I'm not sure. Apparently we are still in high school.

    I think the "fame" got straight into her head.

  2. Trust me, we never leave high school.

  3. What law are illegal immigrants breaking?

  4. Trespassing laws, I think. It's about as much lawbreaking as I engage in when I drag my garbage partially through my neighbor's side yard to get it out front. Lock me up!

  5. I'm deeply amused that she admitted to using illegal immigrants as cheap labor, what with the internet being public and all.

  6. god forbid ANYONE in this country speak something other than english!

    english is "the national language" - all that land that was colonized by the French, or the Spanish, or the Dutch - they all spoke english from the moment they stepped on "our" future country!

    sorry... i'm having trouble here. there's a phrase that i want to say, but i have NO clue how to spell it, even phonetically.

    Cotchera terue do'utna
    ? maybe?
    Cherokee (theoretically, i don't actually speak Cherokee, sigh) for "What are you saying, invader(enemy)" (except i know that the tense is wrong, i don't remember how to change tenses, and probably other problems as well)
    so, in modern parlance "What'chu talking 'bout, Willace?"

    na da?

  7. It was truely a special moment when I learned how to say Whachu talkin about, Willis is Cherokee. ;)

  8. Trespassing laws, I think. It's about as much lawbreaking as I engage in when I drag my garbage partially through my neighbor's side yard to get it out front. Lock me up!

    Actually, they don't even really break that law by most state standards. It really depends on where they are at and there is no specific law that any of them break. So they can't really be considered "illegal" as that implies a law is broken.

  9. PF:
    it's close to the phrase "Whachu talking about, Willis". i mean, obviously there is no "Willis", but it's slang, and there ya go.

    i dare you to try and pronounce it. hehe.
    i enjoy getting random phrases from family that i can spout off to people who start screaming something like "this is American! speak American!"
    when xkcd had a comic about it, i realized i was part of a *Movement*

    it's just we all MOVE so much, i can't find any of them :)

    anyway, the point was A) english demands = stupid and B) make PF laugh. seems i succeeded. sorry i have been absent...


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