Friday, September 25, 2009

$5 to the first person who can correctly identify

acorn, tim jones, 912 project, washington, vendors, racism, tea party, teabagging,
all the amendments to the constitution Tim Jones does not understand.

Tim Jones is the wingnut "hero" of the above video. In the video, shot at the 9/12 Washington DC protest tea party hate rally whatever, he accuses three black street vendors (two of them minors) of being ACORN*, then proceeds to yell at and follow them until they leave. He later characterized his actions as a victory, stating: “The truth caused them to leave finally,” he said. “The truth can win out if we stand with the truth!”

What truth? That you can scare three black people half to death by attempting to whip up a group of 70,000 white people into an angry mob against them? I think we already knew that one.

Ignoring the absolutely absurd notion that Acorn sent street vendors to the 9/12 thing, (and the fact that Mr. Jones didn't suspect any white vendors of being Acorn plants*) so what if they did? This was a public event on public property. What right does anyone have to tell another person they can't attend?

Those street vendors have the First Amendment right to believe and say what they wish. They share in the right to demonstrate also guaranteed by the First Amendment. One would think Mr. Jones would recognize, as a proud believer in capitalism, their right to make a living, maybe even pull themselves up by their bootstraps, as it were.

Wait . . . I think I know which amendment Mr. Jones is unfamiliar with. I do believe that would be lucky number fourteen.


*actually "Akawn". apparently, "Dora the Explorer" actually rhymes in the Jones' household.


  1. That's absolutely despicable. Despicable. There's no other word for it.

    And I know the answer about one of the amendments he's breaking, but it's not fair to count that one since I was privy to fact-checking. :D

  2. i would say, to some extent, all of the amendments seem to pass him y.

    but he seems to have *SOME* grasp on how the 1st, 2nd, and 5th are directly applicable to him

    i doubt he understand the 3rd, and he probably thinks that the 4th (search and seizure) and the 6th ("speedy trial", right to know who accused them and the right to defend against said accusation) are horrible amendments and that of course it is fine if they are broken, because if you are a Good Citizen it won't matter if someone is illegally taping your phone, or rummaging through your stuff, and of course if one is a Good Citizen nothing will ever happen that would cause one to be tried at all, let alone need a "speedy" trial and an honest accusation that includes the facts of the case, because what is more speedy and honest than not having a trial at all? and, of course, if one is not ever going to go to court because they are a Good Citizen, the 7th is a totally fucking useless amendment which just means that all juries are going to be composed of criminals who agree with and probably public endorse both the criminal and the crime - a total travesty...
    whic throws out any chance he has of understand the 8th amendment (no "cruel or unusual" punishment") because i am sure he feels the death penalty for non-white-men is a feature, not a bug.

    i... wtf. i can't remember the 9th.

    erm... sorry - i know (apparantly, i thought i knew them *ALL*) 1-8, 19, 12-27. except that last group i might get some out of order. well, except for the 27th, the pay cap on COngresscritteres. heh. and, of course, the 15th and the 19th are easy to remember, because they SHOULD have BOTH been the 15th. oh, and 18/21 - the reason that Women's Suffrage took so long is the liquor lobby was terrified of women getting the voted and then forcing Prohabition. which was made an amendment (the 18) a full fucking YEAR AND A HALF before women got the vote. fucking morons. i still sometimes mist up when i think about John Adams wife writing him to "remember the Ladies" way back before the Constitution was written - between the Article of Confederation and the Constitution.

    i'm sort of dead - i've been having a string of acute porphyrin attacks those whole damned week. is there something going on? my dad's sister who carries it, *and* my mom who carry, have both had stomach problems that *I* tend to associate with AIP, and sun issues. you ok? do you know of anyone else with any porphyria? i am wondering if there is something new that is spread across too many states, really, since aunt lives in VA and mom in CA. it's jus... odd. i hope you *are* ok!

  3. Trying to prevent a group from selling something through an action that is not only just withholding your "voting dollar"? Seems to me to be fairly anti-capitalist. Communist in fact. Did anyone else know that the tea parties were filled with cry baby communists?

    Let me guess, after the rally he is going to go collect his welfare check, then not care if his 6 children to 6 different mothers go to school or fight in a gang. Instead stifling the American values of entrepreneurship, he should just go back to Russia/Germany/Venezuela with all the other communists/fascists/socialist.

  4. this did remind me of a question i have had for a while.

    i went to Magnet schools, for, well, all the time i wasn't hospital schhol. two of them at one point, actually - the Alamama shoolboard purely hated me,and tried to make a my life hell - and i swear i am the only person i know, my age or younger, who knows about the Articles of Conederacy, or that the Constitution wasn't the original document, etc. what the hell? i would bring it up in high school classes, and the teachr would stare at me for a moment, and then just continue as if i had said nothing...


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