Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Carrie Prejean v2.0*

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Patricia Mauceri of One Life to Live was fired from the show for refusing to say the lines she was given. Last time I checked, that is the job of an actress: saying the words written for you to say. Saying these words is not a comment on the actor's/acrtress' personal beliefs, unless you think Anthony Hopkins is pro serial murder/cannibalism.

Apparently the actress was hoping she and the writers could come to some kind of compromise with the homosexual storyline. However, that didn’t happen. Patricia is reportedly looking at her legal options to see if anything can be done.

In this day and age, it’s sad to see someone get fired for sticking to his or her beliefs. What has happened to this world?

There are really only two options for Ms. Mauceri: say the lines or don't and get fired. Those are her two options. She can't decide what lines to say or not to say. Then you'll have every actor/actress vying to write their own lines, and while that might work out well for some, I'm not seeing that as the best way to get quality entertainment. (Not that I consider soap operas to be quality entertainment, but that's a different post.) Seriously, can you imagine, for the sake of consistent example, Anthony Hopkins balking at every other line in Silence of the Lambs because he's a Christian and his character had some very unchristian sentiments to express?

Even outside of the world of entertainment, does anyone think that sort of behavior should be accommodated** in any other workplace? Should I decide which cases I will work on and which ones I won't? Should I be allowed to rewrite every other word my boss dictates for religious reasons? Christianity actually forbids charging interest- should I tell the clients that I can't type mortgages that include interest because I'm Christian, and then expect to keep my job?

I rather think not. And I don't think the writer of that article really does, either.

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**edited just for you, o depressed one.


  1. If I told my boss I refused to invoice or call a certain customer of ours because they happen to be a major manufacturer of religious material I would certainly be fired. He wouldn't even think twice. Funny how it works that way in the real world.

  2. Real world, schmeal world. This is a *Christian nation*. (What's that you say, Treaty of Tripoli? I can't hear you, you'll have to speak up. Nope, sorry, still can't hear you. Bye bye!)

  3. What a stupid reason for her to get herself fired. Seriously. Especially if (which is likely, given what little I know of soaps!) the character gets a world of grief and emotional complications as a result of her homosexual fling. Then it would be an object lesson to deter people from gayness, which is what her pet interpretation of god would want, yes?

    I've done things in order to not get fired that compromised my morals in way worse ways, as I see it. Fuck saying lines or typing documents that disagree with my beliefs. I've erased people's overtime off their timesheets so they wouldn't get paid for the work they actually did. Which is not only immoral but illegal, and actually hurt actual people whom I saw every day and cared what happened to them.

    Goes to show that media people have no concept of what taking a stand actually involves. Those bastards wouldn't pin their paychecks up on the corkboard in the office and refuse to cash them until everyone else had also gotten paid. I laugh at Mauceri's qualms. I hope she can get work doing those inspirational Christian sketches pastors show during sermons to illustrate how best to witness to cardboard-cutout nonbeliever characters.

  4. Any chance she is looking for publicity since Prejean got so much?

    That she thinks she can find a legal loophole just makes her look s...not very smart.

  5. "In this day and age, it’s sad to see someone get fired for sticking to his or her beliefs. What has happened to this world?"

    Huh? In this day and age? Huh? And it's not sad. It's funny. The woman is an idiot. She wanted to be both a bigot and a shitty soap actress. Apparently you can't be both.

    Oh you're not allowed to call homophobes bigots are you? It's her 'beliefs'. My apologies *rolls eyes furiously*.

  6. erm...

    would these people be screaming if the actress had refused to say the word "faggot"? or the word (shudder) "nigger"?

    nope. it's only "standing up for your beliefs" when those beliefs match your own prejudices - the beliefs of anyone/everyone else are just so much BS to be ignored or changed or used against them...

    i'm tired of shit like this. i almost wish i were still in the hospital (not really!!!) where i didn't have computer access..


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