Monday, September 28, 2009

Iran, Alaska, It's an easy mistake to make

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I often mistake Iran for Alaska, and vice versa. They have so much in common: climate, language, culture- they're virtually indistinguishable.

That's why I forgive Sarah Palin for making the following mistake during her speech in Hong Kong:

And – here was a reference to the Alaska fish and caviar consumed in this "beautiful", "magnificent" and "libertarian" part of China – "some of the fruits of our labour, mine and Todd's, ended up on tables here". The caviar at the Hyatt, it should be added, comes from Iran.

I did find it a little strange that she seems to now support gay marriage. Or something.

"I have a husband," she said. "I think I could have used a wife. He's awesome." This really floored the Chinese. Poor Todd.

Um, yeah.


  1. I joke around that I need a wife. I find it scary that Sarah and I have anything in common, but here we are, two working women in need of a wife. Scary stuff.

  2. You, however, would send me a nice wedding gift if I announced I was indeed obtaining a wife. Sarah would have a slightly different reaction.

    I know what you need. I am a wife and I could use a wife. The older I get, the more I think "polygamy=less housework per person".

  3. Hahah, exactly! Isn't that terrible?
    I thought it was funny when I was telling my DR that I needed a wife and she got a far away look in her eyes and said, "That would be great." Maybe it's a woman thing.


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