Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Dunkin' Donuts Anarchist

There is a woman who works at the Dunkin' Donuts by my house who seems to be practicing an odd form of anarchy: every time she makes my coffee, she puts flavoring in it. Sometimes hazelnut, sometimes blueberry, once cinnamon. I don't ask for this flavoring, in fact I've emphatically not asked for flavoring, but there it is. I hate artificial flavoring. I can taste the artificial. I can tell if you used imitation vanilla extract in cookies. Yes, I can.

I'd report her to the manager for this, but I bet I'd like spit in my coffee even less than artificial flavoring.

Please, Dunkin' Donuts Anarchist, stop putting flavoring in my coffee. Find some other way to make a sociopolitical statement that doesn't involve my coffee.

Thank you.


  1. We FINALLY got two dunkin donuts here in Greensboro. I love DD so much. But I notice a bit of anarchy here also. One day I asked for a chocolate frosted donut, and I got a powered donut with chocolate filling. Another day I asked for a chocolate chip muffin, and got a chocolate chip cookie. and one day, this was extreme, I asked for a dozen donuts, and I told her the donuts I wanted, and she did not get one type of donut or the number of donuts right. I even corrected her once several times, and she could not understand...for some reason. Eventually, I gave up, continued with my order, and watched with a combination of assument and frustration as what I said got translated into not what I wanted...example (this was not my order, or what I got, as I cannot remember the specifics, but, to show the craziness):

    ordered 2 old fashion, got 3 glazed
    ordered 6 chocolate frosted, got 4 double chocolate
    ordered 2 powered chocolate creme donuts, got 3 of those
    asked for a single chocolate glazed, got two Jellies.

    It was unreal.

  2. DD seems to have a long history of this sort of thing. I remember back in the '80s ordering a cup of coffee, and having the person behind the counter ask, "American coffee?" I had no idea what she meant; figured there was some "coffee code" that at age 20-something I was ignorant of. So I just nodded yes, and got milk & sugar. Whatever, it was good enough, but certainly did not make for a welcomed feeling.

    I think people down here in the south like Krispy Kreme for that reason. WYOIWYG.

  3. Sounds like the DDs in your area have edible products.

    I am originally from Boston and the DD products there are always fresh and good. I now live in New York City and the DDs sell only peculiarly small donuts that seem to be ALWAYS stale (no matter if you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other borough). There must be a science to distributing ONLY day-old donuts!

    DD in NYC is horrible.

    I write this from a hotel room in Boston where I am enjoying a nice cuppa black coffee and a couple of very fresh and yummy donuts (and, yes, they got my donut order wrong).

  4. wow - DDs in CA were always great - but here in Ohio, same problems.
    except i AM the bitch customer who says "NO, i want THAT doughnut" and point to a SPECIFIC doughnut, if they have at first grabbed the wrong kind. and if they try to AGAIN give me the wrong doughnut, i IMMEDIATELY ask for a supervisor - i get doughnuts like twice a year, and i want the one i want.

    thankfully, the turnover in employees is so high, i have never had the same "server" twice.

  5. I get rid of those people by what I call the "overpay manuever". You give them a twenty (or a fifty) before they ever ring it up and tell them "here, thats for you".

    In my experience 8 out of 10 times they will never ring up the sale, just hand you your ordered goods and send you on your way. Of course if they do you then call back to the location and ask how to contact the manager.

    Once the manager has seen the tape of the transaction and his employee stuffing the bills in his pocket instead of ringing up the sale you will not see them again...

    Yeah, I know it is kind of a dickish thing to do, but if they were not stealing from their employer they'd have nothing to worry about, would they?

    You would be amazed how many people can be persuaded by an extra $10.00+ to foreswear their morals. It is quite sad really...but entirely predictable.


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