Monday, September 21, 2009

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Often, what a person worries about tells you more about that person than about the world at large. For example, I worry terribly about spiders, but that doesn't make spiders a great threat to the human race, it just makes me arachnaphobic.

Rich Deem, in his article Why Sex With Robots is Always Wrong: The Impending Demise of the Human Species, commits such an act of oversharing.

Initially, all FACA [Female Anatomically Correct Androids- isn't he clever?) had been designed as young adult versions of their human counterparts. However, emboldened by their sweeping victories in the courts, FACA were soon designed as young girls and boys, and even animals, to meet every possible sexual perversion of their intended markets. Even those men who bought the adult FACA versions found their attitudes changing, since there were no consequences to anything they did with their FACA. After all, it didn't matter if you swore at your FACA or spoke harshly to it, since it always did exactly what you wanted. Over time, men who owned FACA became more and more rude to their human counterparts as the degradation of society accelerated. Men who owned a FACA disdained the company of real women, with all their incessant demands and mood swings. The sexual revolution was complete and we were all the victims.

Wow. Mr. Deem seems to think that all men would, if they could, rape small children and animals and abuse women. And look carefully at how Mr. Deems views women: real women, with all their incessant demands and mood swings.

I'm sorry, Mr. Deem, but while you may be awaiting your chance to fuck the family dog, that's you. And women aren't incessantly demanding and moody, you're just a misogynist. With a really disgusting imagination. Leave the rest of us out of it.


  1. Ok, so much wrong with that webpage, I don't even know where to start. So, I'm ordering myself not to go to that site because I feel like my brain is being rotten away with perversion.

    What I liked the most is the statement that, yes, this scenario really should bother atheists. Because we all know that being an atheist is the same as being a dirty perv who's into sex with robots.

  2. I feel the exact same way when Christians accuse atheists of all manner of sin because we supposedly have no basis for morality. Even if we ignore the fact that we do have a basis for morality we are still left with the fact that we just don't want to do that shit.

    Christian: Since atheists don't believe in hell why not just go around raping children or something.

    Me: Uh 'cause both rape and sex with kids is nasty and I wouldn't like it.

    They completely fail to realize that they are pretty much shouting that they really, really get turned on by the idea of raping children and assume everyone else does to.

    That is both icky and frightening but it sure explains a lot about religion.

  3. Me thinks someone watched the episode "I Dated a Robot" of Futurama too seriously...

  4. Butbut that scenario doesn't even make any sense. I have no idea what point he's trying to make with it.

  5. I have this sudden urge to introduce him to Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex, just to screw with his poor widdle head.

    Excellent anime, that.

  6. um - where are the MACA?

    ya know, the robot counter-parts to males who aren't demanding, aren't childish, don't need a person working 24/7 validating their poor wittle fee-fees and doing all the actual work to make a man successsful?
    where is the MACA that cleans the house while you're out, makes a gourmet meal, and the goes down on your for hours as you relax in a bubble bath? who never once says "can i come on your X", who never comes in and says "why do i have no clean clothes?", despite a perfectly usable washer and dryer, who never says "you look funny. what did you do?" after you spent 4 hours doing your damnedest to dress up for him? who never demands you do a strip tease and then give a blow-job with nothing in it for you? who never looks at every single other woman they see and then tells you how they look better than you?

    (no, Pete does not do any of these. that is why i have kept Pete. on the OTHER hand, i have seen my dad do some of these, and he's the person who taught me to be feminist - yet he still thinks "laundry" is something wives do...)

  7. i like to think that i am an adult person who can admit when i am wrong.

    i followed the link, and i am partially wrong - fucktard *does* admit that there would be some "MACAs", but then he goes on to say (essentially) that they "don't really catch on" and are never really "popular"

    but this is actually, IMO, WORSE than not even having "MACA". why? because it is explicitly describing the VAST majority of the male half of the species as so incredibly self-centered and narcistic and juvenile and sex-addicted and un-fucking-caring, that they are willing *not* having real relationships with real women because its fucking easier to fuck a robot. that men *don't need* relationships for any reason but sex - and that the *only* reason men have relationships *now* is for sex. stupid and infantile and i can't even think anymore!

    i mean - *rage* - how the fuck can MEN stand to be slandered this way?!?!
    i mean - if i were a man, everytime i heard "he couldn't help but rape her because of X", i would be pissed, because society is yet again telling me that i have no self-control, that i am in no way ever going to be able to be a responsible adult, because i *have no control* over myself.
    and NOW someone is taking that even further, and stating that as a man, there is no capacity to love or like or form bonds or friendships and that the only thing that men are capable of caring about is SEX.

    for fuck's sake, guy - stop this shit! complain! call the newspaper and tell them you will sue for slander on behalf of your entire sex!! SOMETHING!!!

  8. for fuck's sake, guy - stop this shit! complain! call the newspaper and tell them you will sue for slander on behalf of your entire sex!!

    Eh. If I didn't get worked up enough to do anything when I realized that the standard sitcom family depiction is the bumbling, idiotic husband and his long-suffering, super-smart wife who puts up with everything and fixes all the crap he messes up, I can't get too worked up about this. Why? Because nobody's paying attention to the robot fucker. Well, except for us. Right now.

    Honestly, it's just another arrow in the, "Humanity is completely depraved and deserves to go to hell," quiver. Since I reject the concept as a whole it's fairly easy to reject this particular subset of stupidity.

  9. i would (and do) complain about that, too.

    i think that the "bumbling husband" grew from the same thought - the whole "men can't think and are not responsible for what they do around a woman who they find attractive" - so they have hot wives, so are total idiots. because of the same BS. it's all insulting, IMO anyway.

  10. Let's face it: women do have incessant demands and have mood swings. So do men. That's part of what makes us human, and more interesting than porn. Until such time as there are synthetic beings with this kind of depth, I'll stick with human beings as sexual and intellectual partners.

  11. At the expense of throwing pearls before swine (wasting my time), I have read that Rich Deems article (the whole one) one part has been take out and used out of context to support a baised opinion. Also, there is so much ad hominem (name calling) going on here that nobody addresses the scenario. I see and hear that it is supposed that on religious people do such nasty things like name calling. Hmm. The replies here seem to suggest selfish, immature characters who say these things indirectly about somebody like cowards (gossip). I'm waiting for my cowardly, name calling attacks after this. So what part of the "keep it polite" did some of you fail to understand? Prove me right.


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