Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nothing to See Here

and now you're gay
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I never knew this, but apparently Teh Gai is more contagious than swine flu. So contagious, in fact, that merely viewing homosexuals portrayed in a neutral light on television, say as the host of a cooking show, will mire your soul in sin and condemn you to hell. Srsly.

So even on a seemingly innocuous history program or cooking show there might be a moment of cultural decay on parade, just so we can all get that 5 second message of social re-engineering having to do with, say, the host's extremely alternative lifestyle, subliminally reinforcing the message that our disgust with such things is somehow our fault and our problem, because "everybody else" approves.

Five seconds of viewing Cat Cora (a chef on FoodTV) will cause every homophobe in the world to suddenly start wearing assless chaps and dancing at the Gay Pride Parade? In that case, we should stop showing people pictures of Osama bin Ladin, because . . . oh, shit, too late, I'm a terrorist now.
Infidels to see, bombs to blow up, gotta go!


  1. Stupid isn't it? I like Cat Cora and she is one of my daughters heros. I am less than concerned. I think the fact that she is a skilled, witty, talented and successful woman is far more important than who she likes to have sex with. I didn't even know she was gay, it doesn't come up on the food network for some reason.

  2. I know, it's strange, right? I love Cat- she's smart, talented and steps right up to the big boys in Kitchen Stadium.

  3. Yeah this is the first I have heard of it too. I keep hearing "the lady doth protest too much" in my head also...

  4. "subliminally reinforcing the message that our disgust with such things is somehow our fault and our problem"

    That would be because it is your fault and your problem.

    I love how these people get offended by positive or even neutral portrayals of gays, but then get all upset when people point out that they are anti-gay bigots. Apparently they think gays should be invisible, or portrayed only in a negative light. But don't call them homophobes.

  5. Cat Cora is gay? I've been watching her on Iron Chef for years and didn't know that. Huh.
    That said, who cares? Shouldn't we be more interested in the fact that she plays with the big dogs? Cooking is a man's sport, and it is still rare to see a woman make it as far as she has. I say good for her.
    And the gay thing is kind of cool, so good for her on that too.

  6. Well, I do agree to some extent...the purpose of many commercials and shows *is* to promote a message. And yes, some of them are hoping that by viewing their message you will change your mind by making a positive association with it. (Like how Cat Cora is a fabulous woman, beautiful, friendly and oh, she's gay.) However, the salient point one changes your mind, you and you alone do that.

    What these folks fail to understand is that they do the exact same thing when they advertise or promote an event. Like in the Twin Cities there was this concert called, "Rock the River" Not a word on the ads about it being Christian and a place to "get saved". So you get there, you have fun, have a few beers and then oh...wait, I'm surrounded by really friendly Christians. Huh, I thought Christians were all judgmental a-holes. Wow, I accept Jesus as my personal savior. See?

    But it's OK when they do it. Not OK if anyone else does it.

  7. I didn't know she was a lesbian, and I'm even a lesbian. I'm usually more hip to these things. I can't imagine why her sexuality would ever come up on a cooking show or how, other than by merely existing, she would be "promoting" her "lifestyle" on her show.

    The thing about anti-gays is that they think that when a gay person even mentions his or her partner is In Your Face Promotion of the Homosex. Whenever they hear the word homosexual, gay, or lesbian, it's like their minds immediatley jump to what those people do in bed. Normal people don't do that. I think they think about gay sex more than gay people do.

    Anyway, to be fair, looking at her picture does make me a little more lesbian.


  8. So, wait. Looking at a picture of a not-at-all-unattractive woman will make me (a man) gay. The idea of said woman being in a relationship with another woman will make me want to think about having sex with another man. I'm confused.

    I guess I'll just have to go home, break out the lesbian porn and wait until I start thinking, "Man, I really wish some dude would show up and take his pants off." I assume this will be a fairly long experiment.

    Although that's mostly because porn bores me to distraction, so I'll probably end up doing something completely different. Like KoL or writing or something.

  9. If watching lesbian sex makes men gay, we as a species are doomed, but you're welcome to try.

  10. You mean Cat and her 'special lady-friend' don't get lewd and nude with the food (if that's what they're into...) by the kitchen ocounter?


  11. You mean Cat and her 'special lady-friend' don't get lewd and nude with the food (if that's what they're into...)

    I hear she brings her roommate, too. If one is keen she can be double-teamed...

  12. The way they [attempt to] shield their kids from anything they think is unpleasant reminds me of the Buddha. They did that with him and he turned out ok. :-)

  13. Fannie: Sheesh, even *being* gay is considered "in your face". Just being the gay person in the room makes you guilty of judging them and pouring your "gayness" all around. Seriously.

    All these types want is for gays to never talk about it, hide and deny who they are. What a shame.

  14. Well, I've watched women do each other, and I'm not gay. Yet. Maybe it takes time.

  15. Zilch,

    Keep trying, you'll get there in the end.

  16. "In the end", ExPatMatt? Okay, I get it...


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