Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is It . . . Smiling at Me?

My neighbor's house . . . I think it's smiling at me.


  1. ...

    Exactly how far is your local AA group?

    (Just wonderin' ... ;-))

  2. And I've been meaning to mention: have you noticed your Scarlet 'A' has been out for a while?

    The OUT Campaign website recently changed the image source code; you just need to update it. Just replace the "[img src=""]" URL with this:

    Fancy version:

    Simple version:

  3. Thank you! I couldn't figure out what to use to fix it.

  4. =)

    Or you could just copy the image itself to your computer and host it on an image hosting site like Imageshack, so that if it goes offline at any time, you have a foolproof backup ... ;-)

  5. see . . . i couldn't figure out how to do the simple stuff, i'm not figuring out imageshack.

  6. Lol xD

    If you're able to host your own blog and customize it as you have, you're more than able to beat ImageShack. You just create a free account and click "upload new picture" every time you wanna, well, upload a pic. It's that simple. Trust me, it's saved my ass innumerable times (hardware failures, offline sites, etc.), it could very much save yours every now and then.

    Okay, enough harassing you. [/delurk]

  7. Much easier than ImageShack and won't require any new account-making:

    Sometime when you're writing a new post in blogger, take a minute to upload a picture of the "A." If you aren't already, switch from "compose" mode to "edit HTML" (it's the little tab) and grab just the first image url in that glob of HTML (the first bit that starts with "http" and ends with ".jpg") Save that url - it is a direct link to the now-uploaded image. Even if you don't publish the picture in the entry you were writing at the time, the picture will remain at that address which you now have as a backup.



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