Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am a Card-Carrying Atheist

Well, I've said that for a while, but now it is literally true, thanks to Jim Gardner of How Good Is That?.

atheism, atheist

To become a card-carrying atheist yourself:

To extract the files from the RAR archive you’ll need this for Mac…

…and this for Windows…


  1. Much thanks for pointing this out. =)

  2. Hmm, if I'm dead or seriously injured -- particularly dead, I don't think I'm going to be too concerned about whether any rellgious rituals are performed on my behalf -- mainly because I'll be dead.

  3. I have my get of hell free card from the Creation Museum. HA!

  4. You know what the funies and devout Catholics will say in relation to;

    " No God, No fear."

    They'll tell you that your actually terrified and that is why your telling everyone that your not afraid.

    It's intellectual dishonesty at it's finest.

    I suppose, if they claim that they love God, I can argue that they actually hate their God.

    hehehe...I'll try that next time.


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