Monday, September 28, 2009

I Stole Food from a Hotel, But Socialism Sucks

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I can't quite figure out wingnuts. Why is it that so many of the people that regard any form of governmental help for those who need it as socialismOMGtheCOMMIESWON! are, in fact, people who need governmental help?

The Other McCain, a/k/a* Robert Stacy McCain, apparently has to steal food now. Seriously, he stole food from a hotel. On a trip to Kentucky to the learn the truth about the murdered census worker (I guess the real journalists are all on vacation or something), he stole food from a hotel:

Hang on, Freda Collins. Just another 390 miles to go today, and I should be there by nightfall. As for the rest of y'all -- hit the tip jar.

I can scavenge pretty well when I have to. They serve a free continental breakfast here at this motel, and everybody evidently assumes I'm a guest, even though I just pulled off the I-79 exit and walked in the door. But professional journalism savvy like that will only get me so far . . . hit the tip jar.

And, in typical wingnut fashion, theft becomes "professional journalism savvy"**, and the kind of begging that would piss off a wingnut in the subway is capitalism. Seriously, how many times have you seen me beg for money from my readers? Twice in two paragraphs, no less.

Here's a clue for you, Other Mr. McCain, if you can't afford food, don't go on cross-country journeys to repeat the work of people far more qualified than you.

*Why, yes, I am a legal secretary, in case that looks odd to you.

**If it's something homeless people typically do, it's not professional journalism savvy, it's just desperation.


  1. *Why, yes, I am a legal secretary, in case that looks odd to you.

    I was never a legal secretary, but five years (give or take) at a legal publishing company have made sure I only write "v." instead of "vs." when I'm putting two things in competition...

  2. I can't type the words "Court" or "Judge" in lower case.


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