Friday, September 18, 2009

So That's How That Works

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Some days, being a secretary drives me crazy.

Literally on his way out the door, my boss tells me to book a vacation for himself and 3 of his friends/clients in San Juan, Puerto Rico. "Golf . . .," he said as he walked out the door.

Before you ask your secretary to engage in such a task, ask yourself one question: What the fuck do you suppose your secretary knows about lavish vacations in unincorporated territories in the US? Do you suppose the person who makes a little over 20k a year spends a great deal of time at expensive resorts and/or golf courses? How do you suppose I choose hotel rooms? Price. The cheaper the better. I'd share a room with an angry bear to save $10. I assume that's not what my boss is looking for.

The El San Juan Resort looks lovely, and the people who answer the phone are amazing. The concierge gave me the number for a mysterious gentleman who booked three days of golfing that I am assured is PGA quality. If my boss ends up being sold for organs, he really has no one to blame but himself.

Also, could somebody please tell USAirways that Puerto Rico is not a separate country from the US?


  1. Lulz, USAirways is pure and utter fail.

  2. "I'd share a room with an angry bear to save $10"
    Same here. Assuming I could ever have a vacation that involved going somewhere ever again.
    The joys of motherhood! LOL

  3. ...
    i was totally with you, until that last line. there is a major airline that thinks Puerto Rico is a different country?!


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