Monday, September 14, 2009

There Will Be Blood

Where's Satan? @ Yahoo! Video

satan, stupid, funny,
hat tip to denelian!

I have nothing to say, other than people are really freakin' weird. Really, really, really, re-heeely* weird.

*Watchin' me some Scrubs this weekend.


  1. Ha, I listened to it with the sound off and thought, dogs are really weird. Then I turned the sound up and got your point...

  2. i *still* don't understand why someone would do that to their dog -

    but you are right - it's the sort of stupid thing that is just stupid...

  3. Fabulous. Now I'm going to be thinking like Perry Cox for the rest of the day.

  4. I Ree-HEALY don't get some people!

  5. Go Dr. Cox. I'll be doing my impression of him for the rest of the day. My co-workers thank you PF! Hah!

  6. Not much different from what Sunday school teachers do with the kids in some churches. Sad sad, sad. And considering the standard techniques for training a dog, one must surely wonder what she did to elicit that particular reaction. Of course, she would say "Nothing -- the dog just knows Satan's the bad guy." Oy.


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