Saturday, September 19, 2009


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Often xkcd says what I want to say, but more elegantly than I ever would.

I hate that riddle, too.


  1. I really should start following xkcd. This stuff is a down-to-earth sort of genius. It’s wonderful.

  2. i adore xkcd, and i find that often, when i need to explain something online, it is quicker, easier and more fucking accurate to point someone to a specific xkcd strip.

    example - i was trying to explain to a young female friend what a "NiceGuy(tm)" is - and there was a strip for that.

    Joe is right - genius!

  3. Yay xkcd. I printed this one out.

    Plus: How in the hell does the author manage to make really sad, really emotional comics which capture the essence of loneliness, unrequited love and heaps of other crap about the human condition... with stick figures? God dammit, I will not cry over stick figures!


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