Friday, September 11, 2009

Patriot Day

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I can't even think of an appropriate Patriot Day greeting. "Happy Patriot Day" is a little too upbeat for the rememberance of 9/11. "Merry" is out for the same reason. "Mournful Patriot Day" is more accurate, but has obvious problems. "Patriotic Patriot Day" is just stupid.

I don't really have much to say about all this. 9/11 affected me deeply, and does to this day. I live a few miles from an airport, so planes fly pretty low over my house all day, and 8 years later, this makes me very nervous. I cry when I think of some of the things I saw, live on the news, that day.

This does not excuse torture, Gitmo, or the deaths of a couple hundred thousand Iraqis. And Glenn Bek's* 912 Project? Inexcusable. Glenn Bek wants me to feel like I did on 9/12. I felt scared and sick and sad. Why would I want to feel that way again? Why would that be a good thing? Oh, yeah, because then the GOP could twist that into a fear of the black man in the white house and death panels and werewolves**.

Sorry, Glenn, I'm not going there.

*Glenn Bek- putting the "" in "oligarhy". Hat tip to the Accidental Historian.

**I'm fairly certain werewolves are next on the GOP's Fear Parade.


  1. ** Well, that's just stupid. Werewolves are awesome. Everyone knows that.

  2. Patriot day is just stupid. Like "homeland". According to wikipedia it was originally called the day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims Of the Terrorist Attacks. That I could go with, but patriot? Stupid jingoism.

  3. werewolves are only scarey if the only thing you have read is the Laurell K Hamilton books, and then the fear is *really* that you are going to be terrified that a werewolf is going to fall for you, and you are going to end up having sex with a man with a 15" penis and OWOWOWOWOWOW!
    because, according to LKH, *all* were-everything somehow end up with POUS*, and it's just totally disgusting-yet-terrifying

    *POUS - like ROUS [Rodents of Unusual Size; Princess Bride FTW!) only speaking of penises, not rodents.


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