Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wrong Bug

My butterfly bush, finally living up to its name. Prior to this point, it was more aptly named the "Really Big Bee Bush".
A few notes on butterfly bushes:
They get really big. In June, this thing was 1' x 1.5'. Now it's 6'x8'.
You have to trim the dead flowers off, or you don't get new flowers. I didn't know this, so for 2 months, my butterfly bush had no flowers. Within a week and a half of trimming off all the dead flowers, it had dozens of flowers again.


  1. Once our butterfly monstrosity has finished flowering, we chop it clean down to the ground. Every year, that thing springs up hale and healthy and ten feet tall.

  2. I'm thinking of putting one in next year, we already have a ton of butterflies, I figure we can get a ton more.


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