Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day Three

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I'm on day three of the migraine modern medicine can't touch. Day three. In case you've never had a three day migraine: day one, you moan and whinge in a darkened room. Day two, you curse the day you were born, and your parents for bringing you into the world- and its migraines. By day three, you're ready to set your feet on fire for the momentary distraction it would bring from the pain in your head.

I'm at work.

Our holiday policy is that if you don't come in the day before and the day after a holiday, you don't get paid for the holiday. I need that money. Really, really need it.

So here I sit, with the migraine that would qualify as torture under the Geneva Convention, under the bright, flourescent lighting, listening to the ringing phones, the copiers, the printers, and all my talkative coworkers, who each seem to have 12,000 stories to tell from Memorial Day- at top volume.

So, who has a lighter?


  1. Ugh sorry PF. If you want, you can have some of my genes, I have never had a headache in my life that wasn't caused by physical contact to my head. Unless you count sinus headaches but that is more in the nose and nasal cavities.

  2. I now officially hate you.

    In fairness, sinus headaches are pretty awful. If you add in the vomiting some people get from the postnasal drip, it's just as bad as a migraine, imo.

  3. You could always try seeing a chiropractor. Some studies show an improvement in migraine symptoms after it. There is an apparent 1 in 1,000,000 risk of a stroke during/immediately after though. I wouldn't be surprised if it's about equal to the drugs you've been taking for the migraine.
    Though if you see one, I'd recommend finding one that's recommended by others rather than just the first one you can find.

  4. I only allowed that so I could give this link in response.

  5. Oh my. I would send you a hug but it would probably only hurt more :-( I've done the day three migraine at work too, I know just how muc it sucks. When you turn to a sympathetic co-worker and beg them to please, please, just shoot you in the head. Please!
    I hope it stops soon.

  6. You just opened yourself up to the chiropractic True Believers. Better watch out. They're scary...

  7. I also have some pills I sell for the low price of 19.95 that were made homeopathically and can possibly get rid of migraines also. Ignore the fact they look and taste like M&M's.

  8. geds: bring it on, bichez!

    internet hugs don't hurt. i don't think. thought i have to say the sound of the keys as i am typing is painful.

    actually, my boss has a gun in his office. freaks me out a bit.

  9. I hope day 4 is better for you. Hang in there!

  10. Maxalt MLT baby! I never leave home without some. See a doctor. Score an Rx. Like the t-shirt says: Science, it works bitches.

  11. oooooooooooh... i send anti-migrain thoughts over the Pagan Aether (which have as much chance of helping as chiro, imo. i have been to a chiro ONCE. he "adjusted" my spine for no apparant reason - i had no back problems - and actually sprained my knee. then had the unmitigated gall to tell me that the sprain was because i "resisted" the treatment! when what had happened was he grabbed my leg and twisted, and i told him it was hurting, and he said "so?" and twisted HARDER, and i was screaming and trying to get away... never ever ever going to one again. ever)

    i hope the migrain goes away...

  12. You're welcome to do as you will and be in pain (hopefully it's gone now though), it's entirely up to you. But if you're sitting there in pain, either take the drugs that make migraines go away, or find something else that works (I'd assume without the side effects of drowsiness or whatever else the usual drugs have, and no I'm not actually saying that Chiropractic is that something else, find whatever works for you).

    As for that link, it actually shows far fewer problems than those that occur from mistakes by MDs, hospitals and drugs, and all those things have their time and place to do good too, but yes, it does show that there are risks and that some chiropractors are crazy.

    I was only trying to offer you something that I've experienced to help relieve headaches and neck pain since I (by choice) don't take OTC or Rx drugs, unless absolutely necessary (going to die, go into shock, feel the knife in surgery, etc). Since you've already made up your mind on it, that's great, and good luck. I'll keep reading your blog regardless :)

  13. Here's the thing about chiropracty (sp?): it's woo. It's based on theories that have nothing to do with science, and if anyone feels better because of it, it's purely placebo effect.

    Admittedly, studies have shown that the placebo effect is very powerful and real, and if that's the way you want to go, that's fine.

    However, you have stories like Denelian's, and the many others who have been hurt by chiropractors, and you have even more heartbreaking stories: people who believed the claims of chiropractors and used their services to the exclusion of treatments that would have actually saved their lives.

    It's certainly their choice, but it's still sad and unnecessary.

  14. But just because something originated in woo, doesn't necessarily negate it. Yes, it is a reason to be suspicious and careful, but it doesn't negate it immediately, because otherwise modern chemistry would be viewed as woo because a large portion of the equipment (and techinques) being used originated from alchemy.

    Now it's been shown that the ideas from alchemy just don't work as they thought they did at the time, but alchemy did eventually bring about a better understanding of chemistry. I'm not saying Chiropractic will do the same, just that you can't immediately dismiss something due to its origin and because things don't work the way we originally thought they did when we started.

    And yes, relying solely on chiropractic (the word you were looking for) care to the exclusion of all other treatments is very unfortunate especially when a life is lost due to it.


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