Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maine Says "Ayuh" to Same Sex Marriage

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It's all up to Maine's Governor, John Baldacci, now. Maine's same sex marriage bill has passed the House 89-58.

After over three thousand voters attended a public forum, the gay marriage bill was passed in the senate last week, and quickly moved to the house. The bill moves to the Senate to reconcile both bills then to Governor John Baldacci’s desk. The governor, although publicly opposed to same-sex marriage, has been said to be keeping an open mind.

It's a good start, Maine, keep it up!


  1. HOpefully the governor will sign it. He's opposed but says he's keeping an open mind. It would be nice to see another state legalize it through the democratic process.

  2. Agreed UNRR, unlike my state that made it illegal and in the state constitution by a vote from the people.

    That was one of things that got me moving away from Christianity, thinking about how people would judge us in the future. It is like looking back and seeing all those people voting for and wanting to keep Separate But Equal laws. Hell the city I live in still has an old school building that was built for Separate But Equal laws. That is not its use anymore but you can see that equal didn't mean equal.

  3. I meant that in a good way;) I can see how a homophobe could say "good luck Maine" and mean something completely different.


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