Saturday, May 16, 2009

Test Tube of Faith

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  1. LOL use air, it looks exactly the same doesn't it?

  2. Matt Milby!
    i know that guy. pretty well, actually, for a guy i only see at random parties and such.

    i met him for the first time that *I* remember at a Marcon 7 (or 8, depends on how you count them - Marcon is this next weekend, so if you count *this* Marcon, 8) years ago, after some random dumbass had pulled the fire alarm *again* and there i was, so drunk i couldn't stand (because i only drink at Marcon), stuck on the 15th floor with most of a room party, and this guy walked up and said (to me on the floor) "Your "Sylph", right? the one who sets people on fire?"
    so i had apparantly met him before at the club i used to work at (where, yes, i *did* set people on fire)
    he used to have a different webcomic entitled "Gin and the Devil" which was quite funny.
    he is currently dating my roomate's ex-girlfriend.
    which means he is at our apartment fairly frequently, which is both hiliarious and heartbreaking. and annoying. its annoying because i hate drama. its hilarious because the woman in question still believes that she and my roommate are *meant to be* and goes off about it in random, drama queen psychotic-stalker rants. heartbreaking, because she does this in front of Matt (her boyfriend) and in front of the woman who is HIS (roomate's) girlfriend and now lives with us and had a baby just last month who roomate A is now essentially dad for (he wants to be the dad. he does all the dad things)
    so *SHE* pisses me off and makes me want to cry for Matt and the roommate B.

    sorry - i just love it when a friend finds another of my friends this way.
    i wish Matt would do more art stuff - he is really incredibly talented.
    also, i am pretty sure i have never seen him sober.

    did you see the strip he did about Scientology? he's got some DAMNED funny stuff.
    i should poke him more about his comic. last time i actually talked to him he was going to OSU as a Japanese major and said he didn't have time for the comic, but now that his freshmen stuff should be finished (which, he went to CCAD, an art college here in Columbus for a couple of years, so why is he having to retake all the freshmen classes? i don't quite get that...) maybe if i kick him hard enough he'll go back to work :)

  3. LOL. How true, how true. I'll never complain about horrendous typos in resumes again!

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