Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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If you did not read the blag hag's review of The Professor and the Dominatrix, you simply must. If you did, do not miss the author's response to the review.

an excerpt of what you are currently missing:

There are three fully-homosexual male characters in the story: the serial killer; one of his victims, Valentine Sisley; and a denizen of a gay bar. The gay bar one is interviewed by a gruff and tough and homophobe cop named Fudpucker. These four characters are within the bounds of reality.

He named a character "Fudpucker"! And that's withinin the bounds of reality! Priceless!


  1. This is the line that cracked me up:

    "Homosexuals would be demons working for Satin.” .

  2. damn satin, making everything all smooth and luxurious.

  3. hehe, the Professor actually quoted one of my comments on the original review where I said 'thanks for taking the bullet'. I feel honoured to have pissed him off.


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