Monday, May 18, 2009

Why, Yes, We Were Involved In a Crusade

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Ever wonder why atheists get so very screechy about separation of church and state? I know, if you're a certain type of christian, you think separation of church and state is stupid and useless. You think we're a christian nation, and we should act like one.

The above picture is not of a church mailer. It is a picture of a report given to George W. Bush regarding the war in Iraq. It's basically proof that the United States was waging not a war, but a Crusade.

What exactly do we say to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that died, were injured, or lost a loved one? I don't think "oops" is going to cover this one. I'm also not sure we're ever living this one down.

Next time, let's listen to the atheists, m'kay?


  1. What the fuckity fuck? Where did this come from?

  2. This was a common practice of Rumsfeld's. More here, including a slideshow.

  3. I still honestly don't know how to respond to the fact that this happened. It's so far beyond the pale...

  4. I was actually shocked by this. Shocked. I would have thought that nothing could shock me anymore.

    Were they trying to make al Queda bigger and stronger by giving them recruiting materials?

  5. We were constantly being told how this wasn't a religious war, we were lied too. The only thing that can truly save any good we have done, is a total pull out of troops. We can't leave any behind now. It is and was a crusade.

    Like PF just said, thanks Bush for helping with the Al Queda recruitment project.

  6. well, gods know that we helped *start* Al-Queda.
    and, now that i think of it... we put both Saddam *and* the Taliban in power

    so we could ressurect the Middle Ages and go off on more Crusades! aren't Crusades *fun*? Crusades let us make land and property claims based on our purported religion, so that we don't have to do boring things like, i don't know, *PAY* for the goods and services we receive?

    i actually blame the British and the French (and their little pencils, with which they drew arbitrary lines in the sand - almost literally! - to divide territory into "spheres of influence" and create "states" to make their bullying easier) for much of the mess in the M.E. not all of it - we jumped in for the sole purpose of keeping Russia out (because its *always* better to have a sadistic misogynistic tyrant than a "communist" in charge of any nation!), but Britain and France started the whole mess (look at me pointing fingers. sigh. because there *is* enough blame to go around)

    really, the only way to *fix* it is to poor in billions is reconstruction and to have independent (humanitarian minded) overseers to ensure that the money is allocated correctly, and more billions in education (again proved by independent humanitarians). and that costs, and so it won't happen. because we need our plasma TVs! (this is one place where i can be morally superior - i have never bought a TV. we have hand-me-down TVs. and they work).

    Crusades are so last Millinium!


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