Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There's Irony . . . and Then There's Irony

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In the category of "it's so ironic I can hardly see it through the glare of irony" we have Working to Hard to Go John Galt This Week.

Is there such a thing as a Randian Poe?

A lot of those who value political liberty in the U.S. are devout Christians. wait, is trying to create a theocracy political liberty? i'm confused. I’m an atheist myself aren't we all?(I wouldn’t classify anyone as an objectivist who wasn’t i think there may be something wrong with that statement), but a large majority of the best people I know on a personal level (as well as the people I most admire in history) are people of faith fair enough, and the large majority of them are Christians we do live in the US. As a homeschooler in New Jersey, I feel particularly indebted to the Christian families who did (and continue to do) the yeoman’s work in making and keeping homeschooling a viable educational option for my family, even if some of their motives for doing so are not the same as mine. some of their motives? how about all their motives? how about motives like "i never want my children to even be in the same room as a gay person, let alone be taught that gay people are human"? some! And in this fight in particular, I’m proud to stand with anyone who recognizes my right to be free, even if they may disagree with my personal plans for my freedom, or with my reasons for valuing it. strange bedfellows indeed, mr. galt. In short, nothing would make me happier than for people of all faiths and of no faith to win the fight for liberty so we can be free to be bitter enemies once again, our common foes having been vanquished . rather the problem with strange bedfellows, to be sure. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not supposed to be a life philosophy. I’m not diminishing the significance of our differences, they're HUGE! they hate you. they think you want to rape children! really, really big differences but neither should the strength we can derive from our common values be diminished. until you win your little war and fall to squabbling with one another.

I’ve made this point before, but I think it bears re-emphasizing as it might not be obvious to someone unfamiliar with this site: I really, really don’t want to ever actually have to go “John Galt”. if you go john galt, do you stop writing drivel like this? if so, i'm all about you going john galt. Now I still feel quite certain that the only way to avoid having to do so is to show that you actually are willing to. ummm . . . you cannot possible display that you are willing to do something without actually doing it. "i will pull this trigger. i will. i'll do it . . . maybe. someday. if you shoot me one more time, i'll do it!" But there’s more that can be done too, and that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. about how to go galt without actually going galt? And it has to do with recognizing an important fact about the conflict between your average producer and your average functionally anti-freedom person i think that's me.: neither one has their heart in this fight the way their opponent fears they do. The producer is not pro-freedom because they desire to see widows and orphans starving does it matter what your motives are if children starve? hey, sorry you're homeless and starving, but my motives are pure- don't you feel better now?, and the person who thinks that freedom is undesirable just for the record, i do not find freedom undesireable does so out of a miscalculation about both the impracticality of freedom and the efficacy of force as a necessary evil who is he talking about?, not because they desire to see productivity punished. There are exceptions to this characterization on both sides, but they constitute a minority small enough to be ignored when considering the forces that shape society. More to come eventually. let's hope so.


  1. Wow, I was just reading this guy's insanity too! He's a weird one. Of course I think all these "going Galt" morons are strange, they would have to be to embrace this ideal, and then actually believe that they are the "Producers" in this story. Please.

  2. I'll do it, I swear I'll do it! I'll go Galt- right after I finish this TPS report.

  3. all those words he wrote seem to mean something, but I'm not sure....

  4. If string enough big words together it will look like I said something important.

    Wow, he does like Ayn Rand, he writes just like her.

    These people claiming to go Galt, don't even know what it means. Is this guy a CEO of a major corporation? Does he run a business that keeps our infrastructure going? Then why would anyone care if he packed his bags and left the country? Wait, wait that might make him not go. Dude you are so important that if you left America would be in ruins and you would show them, you better do that now.

  5. I just went to his post and I see he is getting nailed to the wall for basically the same thing I said here. I would love for these retards to "go Galt" will free up jobs for people.

  6. "who is he talking about?"

    WHAT is he talking about?

    also, that comment thread you linked - that made me sick. literally.

    do these fuckers really truely NOT understand that gay adults can have sex with other gay adults, and that is fine because they CONSENT - but that CHILDREN CAN NOT CONSENT. so NO we will NOT ever FUCKING EVER "be ok" with pedophilia?!

    homosexuality and pedophilia are DIFFERENT THINGS! they ARE NOT THE SAME! they are not CLOSE to the same!
    SAME WITH BEASTILITY! it is NOT THE SAME as homosexuality! it is not CLOSE!



  7. First of all, John Galt was a sociopath with a martyr complex. It just has to be said.

    Second of all, really? No, I mean, *REALLY*??


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