Friday, May 15, 2009

When the Evangelism Van Pulls Up

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I find it obnoxious enough when total strangers hand me garbage to throw away for them, but trying to lure a 7th grader into a van as an evangelism technique? Here's a clue: don't do anything in the name of Jesus that is also regularly practiced by rapists.

COLORADO SPRINGS — Representatives of a local Christian church tried to lure a seventh-grader at Russell Middle School into a church van last week, school district officials said.

As a result, the principal sent students home with a letter to parents asking that they instruct their children not to talk to strangers, and the district has beefed up security around the property at 3825 E. Montebello Drive.

The letter to parents did not identify the church, and the district — acting on the advice of its attorney — has declined to name it. But sources told The Gazette that it was Cornerstone Baptist Church, which is about 2.5 miles from the school and has gotten into trouble in the past for baptizing children without parents' permission.

Students at nearby Keller and Fremont elementary schools also have been approached by church members, and church proselytizing has been escalating in recent weeks at Russell. Still, officials were unprepared for what happened Thursday, district spokeswoman Elaine Naleski said Friday.

From the church's website, we see that "canvassing" and "soulwinning" are regularly scheduled events. It doesn't mention luring 13 year olds into vans.


  1. kiddnapping is a *federal* offense - where the *hell* is the FBI?!

  2. I read this somewhere else.. what would be the point of baptizing a child who isn't going to be true to the laws of God without someone explaining them? Is this so the kids will go to Hell... hmmmm.....

  3. Shocking. These must be the last days.

  4. That is the sort of thing that could lead to anti-Christian violence. If some fundy tried to abduct one of my children for any reason whether rape or baptism I would engage in some serious persecution of them.

  5. Here's a clue: don't do anything in the name of Jesus that is also regularly practiced by rapists.

    You do realize how badly this rule would crimp the entire Catholic Church's style, don't you?

  6. That is actually pretty disturbing. Even most Christians would probably agree that such an action is way over the line and downright stupid.


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