Monday, May 11, 2009

Did You Know You're Crazy and Homeless?

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Bert Prelutsky of knows how liberals win elections: it's the massive crazy homeless person turnout in recent elections. No, really.

Here in California, roughly 30 years ago, because of budget cuts, a great many people were released from insane asylums.

. . .

Inevitably, they also got to vote. As a result, the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Villaraigosa, Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown, wound up winning all the major elections. I mean, the truth is, you’d have to be crazy to vote for those people.

I have to suspect that a similar scenario took place all over the country. How else to explain that two-thirds of Americans actually believe that Barack Obama’s policies will save our economy?

Over 60,000,000 people voted for Obama. Mr. Prelutsky would have us believe that every one of those people was a crazy homeless guy released from a mental institution in the 60s. Yeah.

Later on, we get this interesting redefinition of waterboarding*:

Something else that makes me wonder if, in a nicer, kinder world, liberals wouldn’t be housed in a warm place where they’d be kept safely away from sharp objects and voting booths, is their notion of what constitutes torture. In my world, cutting off Daniel Pearl’s head, throwing Anne Frank in an oven or having to listen to Chris Matthews, is torture. But by no means is it playing loud music, keeping people awake, making them share space with a caterpillar or even dousing them with water, in order to get them to cough up information that might prevent another 9/11 or keep American soldiers from being ambushed.

Only a liberal could confuse actual torture with college hazing.

One wonders where exactly Mr. Prelutsky went to college.

Another difference that seems to escape liberals is that it’s torture when the only purpose is to cause pain, not when it’s done in order to pry important information from terrorists.

No, sorry Mr. Prelutsky, why you torture someone does not change the fact that it is torture.

What follows is a bunch of random assertions about liberals that not only doesn't reflect reality, but doesn't make any sense at all: we hate the boy scouts, christians, gays and the military. No, sorry, just because you say it, Mr. Prelutsky, does not make it true.

*this link is to a graphic video of Christopher Hitchens being waterboarded. Yes, it's torture. No, it isn't "having water splashed in your face".


  1. That guy is hilarious! Wouldn't we be so lucky if we could get the mentally ill and the homeless out to vote, to stand up for their rights?

    As for the title of your post, I must say, thank you for the reminder ;-)

  2. The local Obama campaign tried to do just that in my city- unfortunately, you need an address to register to vote, and homeless people don't have an address. They tried using the addresses of local shelters (with the shelters' permission), but the Department of Elections must have known those addresses, because they weren't allowed to use them.

    As far as I know, homeless people are effectively barred from voting at all.

  3. You know, if I hear one more wingnut try to downplay what happened at Gitmo so help me God...
    I mean really. If you're phobic of bugs then yeah being kept in a box with one would be horrific. And apparently none of these people have actually seen the videos of waterboarding.
    They really need to have done to them what they think is OK. See what they think after being waterboarded themselves.
    I swear I usually wouldn't wish that on anyone, but they make me so mad!

  4. What a douche.

    On a related note, is Sean Hannity going to do that waterboard for charity thing or not?

  5. ExPatMatt: I really hope he does, but I haven't heard for sure yet. I'll give money to charity to see that go down.

  6. As far as I know, homeless people are effectively barred from voting at all.I know. No address, no welfare cheque, no voting, no nothing. (No food stamps? We don't have that in Canada, so I wouldn't know.)

  7. One wonders where exactly Mr. Prelutsky went to college.

    An insane asylum. And they're still looking for him.

  8. I love the tagline for Townhall magazine:

    "Fresh. Intelligent. Conservative.".

    Who would have thought so much irony could be packed into three words?


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