Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Your Irony Goggles

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Dr. Gary L. Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has created irony so strong in his latest email that if we could learn to harness its power, our energy troubles would be over. We could light entire cities with just this one email. We could save the environment with Dr. Cass' stupid- but then we'd probably have to give him the Nobel Prize for something, and that would create irony of apocalyptic proportions. I may have doomed us all with this post.

I'm willing to take that chance.

Dr. Cass, whose previous email alerts have included such topics as the "Pedophile Protection Act" aka the hate crimes bill, and the "End of the World as We Know It" aka same sex marriage, has this to say about Ms. Prejean and the media storm surrounding her:

By courageously shining the light of God’s truth on the marriage issue, now homosexuals and their allies irrationally seek to defame and destroy Carrie Prejean. Perez Hilton, “queen of all media,” and his ally Keith Olbermann, need to take some advice from Jesus Christ; “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I warned you about the goggles, people. Don't blame me.


  1. "By courageously shining the light of God’s truth on the marriage issue..."

    ...And casually ignoring the call in 1 Timothy 2:9 that women dress modestly.

    But hey, shrimp cocktails are TASTY, so we'll just conveniently forget the parts of the Bible that we disagree with, and use what's left to beat our enemies to death.

  2. LOL! Even if you think Jesus said what was written about him or if you think he existed, which I do think he existed just not what was said about him, Jesus never said that. The story of the adulterous woman in John was added in the 4th century (more than likely). It is a story written by a scribe copying the Bible. Learn your facts chump, check your Bible it probably tells you this in the footnotes.

    Second what they are condemning her for is breaking the goddamn rules. She took some G rated pictures in lingerie once, and she didn't tell the pageant about it. She lied to be in the pageant. She broke the rules, it has nothing to do with Christian persecution. Get the fuck over yourselves.

  3. yeah, she broke her contract in about 10 different ways, and she casually ignores everything in the bible except for the whole homosexuality thing (which might have referred to ritualistic sex with temple prostitutes), but how dare you disobey jaysus, or some scribe, and be mean to her!

  4. I have to admit that perhaps Jesus enjoys looking at topless models and that's why we shouldn't condemn her for showing everything mama gave her on TV and on the newly discovered photos.

    After all, if Gawd made her, maybe he enjoys looking at her and doesn't mind straight men salivating (to put it mildly) over her.

    Gays, on the other hand, not a pretty sight for Gawd, so that's why same-sex marriage "is" wrong.

    Or you never know, it could be Dr. Gary L. Cass himself who enjoys looking at miss Prejean. Unheard of! A lustful man speaking for God.

  5. how dare you disobey jaysus, or some scribe, and be mean to her!


    Another quotable, PF.

  6. Don't fall for it, Lorena! God made men lust after women, and women lust-inducing, to trick us all into hell!

    (God's tricksy like that.)

  7. "God's tricksy like that"


    we're to God being Fae lol


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