Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Beginning, There Were No Emoticons*

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I thought I'd head over to Rapture Ready's message board to see the fundy response to the Chicago Atheist bus advertisements. It was even stoopider than I expected.

The first two responses to the post were emoticons: the disapproving smilie and the eye-rolling smilie, then a row of 4 smilies that burst into flames. Apparently, fundys feel the need to express both cute and outrage in this situation.

Ron4jesus goes straight for the obvious satan connection: It's also a way to demean Christians and our so called crazy beliefs. Yes, that's always our goal. Oh, and you need a dash between "so" and "called". Evil seems to be working overtime it has a great benefits package, though and it's a sign Jesus Christ is coming back soon for his people. isn't everything. Obama is a curse to this country which has what to do with atheist bus ads? and what he has done already is a disgrace.. He is heading us towards a Socialist State define socialism. and fast. Even if a Republican gets in 2012 the mess is so bad I am not sure it can be reversed. you mean the mess Bushco got us into in the first place? and what does that have to do with atheist bus ads again?

We are going to be hated for what we believe in and so be it. yes, because christians are so persecuted in the US. I am willing to die for my GOD wtf does that have to do with atheist bus ads?, if that's the way it has to be. no, it doesn't. I have had it too good in America being safe and protected somehow i wasn't expecting quite this level of crazy, even from rapture ready., but if that's the way it comes down, then so be it satan. wtf?!You are the loser THE EVIL ONE!!!!!!! used my "wtf" too soon. You are the fool and you are being sent to the bottomless pit. Do you know why I think it's called the bottomless pit??????? i suspect because it's a pit and it has no bottom? Because I believe hell is in the center of earth and GOD is going to reverse the spinning of it from top to bottom. By the time it gets to the bottom it reverses again . O_o

little bug apparently understood that: Ron, if I didn't know any better I'd swear you were my twin!!! RIGHT ON!! DITTOES!!! You took the words out of my mouth, Brother!!! not only did she understand that, she listens to Rush Limbaugh. of course.

jc513 drags out the old "atheists hate god too much not to believe in him" canard. sigh.: Atheists sure put alot of money and effort to hate something they don't believe exist. for the last fucking time: we don't hate god, we don't believe in god, and yes, we'd like to be as open about our lack of belief as you are about your belief. go figure.

christina disparages "logic": Honestly? I think they're driven by fear, a fear they'll never admit to. please, continue. They can't disprove the Lord or His Word or His existance you can't prove it, either. but they're too "logical" i can't figure out these sarcastiquotes. does she think that not believing in something without proof is illogical? or does she think logic is something that doesn't exist? do you suppose she even knows what logic is? to believe what is right in front of their eyes if it were right in front of my eyes, like, say, my computer, i would believe in it. ergo . . . so instead they push and push to debate the truth or maybe we'd just like to have to stop hiding in the internet. it'd be really neat to be as open as an atheist as my christian coworkers about their beliefs....maybe silently they're hoping something will be proven that they can't deny sorry, no, but really, I think they're scared of spiders, scared of not knowing for sure no, that doesn't bother me at all. i don't have your need for absolute truth and certainty, darling., scared that we just might be right! nope. I don't feel angry towards them, I feel sorry for them funny, i often feel that way about fundys. hm.

angelka71 totally agrees with christina: Fear and...I just can't help but believe...conviction! I think somewhere, deep down they DO know the truth...yet they love the darkness more than the light...and you know what they say about misery loving company which is why they're out on this mission to attract more "followers." you got me, angelka. i'm not an atheist, i'm a satan worshipper. yeesh.

Kate hasn't been talking to any atheists I know. One pattern I've noticed when talking to an atheist is most have never read the bible. That's what frustrates me the most. They judge and criticize Christians and our belief without any knowledge or understanding. When I begin to explain a few things, they cut me off and call me crazy. Most just don't want to hear it. really, kate? most atheists in the US grew up christian, and most of us have read the bible many, many times. in fact, a lot of atheists became atheists because they read the bible.

we'll end with new moderator Tres Wright, who just has to outoffend all the regular posters: Atheism is a relgion just like many other apostate religions. lack of belief is not a religion. get over it. Some religions worship God, some worship gods, some worship men, atheism is worship of self. no, it's not. it's a lack of belief in god. lack of belief in god =/= worship of self. (i think tres believes that all humans have to worship something, therefore, since atheists aren't worshipping god, they must be worshipping something, and the only thing left is themselves.) Atheism is no doubt Satan's favorite really? you'd think all those untrue varieties of christianity would be satan's favorite. think about it, all those people thinking they're worshipping jesus the right way, assuming they're doing right and going to heaven, but they're really serving evil. it would be genius. as people have a innate desire to worship themselves anyway i really wonder about these people and it's a great way to divert attention from the Truth. I truly believe that Satan is controlling the atheist movement well, he does send regular memos, but trying to get atheists to agree on anything is like trying to herd cats. and their ad campaigns to further his agenda. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but this is a blatantly stronger message than the previous bus campaign (that one said "There's probably no God, so quit worrying and enjoy your life.") i fail to see how "in the beginning man created god" is much different from "there's probably no god". They've gone from leaving room for doubt that there may be a God to stating that God is a figment of man's imagination. well, we're clearly working for satan, then. wtf is the difference, really? I think we can expect this campaign to continue to get uglier as time goes on. yes, atheists expressing their point of view in public is just the most horrible thing ever, isn't it? asshat.

*I am old enough to remember an internet before emoticons- and pictures. Yes, children, there was an internet without pictures. Remind me to tell of the world before cell phones sometime.


  1. It's a pretty poor faith if it can be reduced to nothing by an advert on a bus or the exposure to a contradicting idea. Isn't the Atheist bus campaign mainly to cheer up Atheists anyway? Surely no person of real faith will be swayed by the opinion of a non-believer, even if it is written on the side of a bus.

  2. I'm just fine with these bus ads, because you guys are paving the way for the rest of us. Every athiest who is out there fighting for the right to be athiest in public is fighting for the other small religions, and vice versa. Could you imagine how powerful we would be if we actually got organized?
    I remember the internet way back then too. Does this mean we're old?

  3. Leigh: yeah, i think we're old. as soon as you can start saying things like "i remember when", you're old.

    Bob: I think the aim is just to make atheists feel like there is a community of atheists, it is an acceptable choice, and we do have the right to be open about our beliefs, or lack thereof. I doubt anyone in the atheist community thinks devout believers are going to look at the ads and say, "OMG! There is no god!"

  4. I believe hell is in the center of earth and GOD is going to reverse the spinning of it from top to bottom.

    Sounds like God is about to reverse the spin of the Earth's core. That's really going to mess up the magnetic field.

    Atheism is a relgion just like many other apostate religions.

    Atheism is a religion in the sense that a vacuum is a type of gas, or silence is a type of noise, or health is a type of disease.

  5. Science fail again. It is not like anyone understands exactly how gravity works, but I would think most High School Graduates would know it has to do with mass and not some reverse spinning.

    This is all from Rapture Retards I really shouldn't expect too much.

  6. Isn't a 'pit without a bottom' a tube?

    Yep, the crazy is still strong over at RR.

  7. The fact is that his definition of god reversing gravity is unnecessarily complicated.

    If we assume there's a tube sunk through the core of the Earth and somehow the mass of the planetary core is held in place (which would be a good time for the "goddidit" argument. Alternately you could just make the tube really narrow, but then it would be really hard to store all the atheists...), then if you drop something through one end of the tube it stands to reason that that object will accelerate until it reaches the core, at which point its momentum would carry it past the core, whereupon gravity would start acting as a decelerating force.

    Assuming you're in a vacuum and the tube marks two equal radii from the Earth's core to the surface, by the time you reached the opposite side of the Earth the gravitational pull of the planet would have slowed you to as stop. You'd have a moment of weightlessness, at which point you'd be pulled back towards the core, leading to the same situation on the other end.

    Now, if we assume that this tube isn't a vacuum, but there is in fact even a negligible atmospheric resistance you'll never achieve your top speed, instead only reaching a terminal velocity. This means with each succeeding pass you'll get less and less far from the Earth's center and eventually stop.

    Of course this may be oversimplified, as I'm sure there are gravitational forces exerted from directions other than straight fallward or anti-fallward, especially near the Earth's core where the mass of the planet will be more concentrated than anywhere other than the crust, but the theory works in principle.


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