Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apparently, Atomic Weapons Have Bizarre Side Effects

If anybody speaks Japanese, could you please tell me wtf this is an ad for?


  1. My japanese might be a little rusty, but I believe it's an ad for doggie viagra...

  2. It's an ad for potato chips. Consome is a flavor they put on them, and apparently Panchi is the dog's name...

    your title captures it pretty well.

  3. OK, here's what it says:
    Consomme Consomme Consomme punch
    It's not a punch, but a delicious tasting Consomme punch
    Consomme Consomme Consomme punch …
    Good health from punch, Consomme punch

    The plot:
    kid is sad, dog tries to cheer him up, by doing stupid stuff, (The signs say sorta like “Look, my ear got bigger”, and “Was that me?” --don't understand that one) but the kid just keeps thinking of the girl, nothing works, until the potato chips, hooray.

    Chicken soup flavored potato chips? Well, this is the country that brought us tentacle sex, yo.

  4. « Well, this is the country that brought us tentacle sex, yo. »

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.


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