Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh, Yeah, We're Totally Post Racial

She's so damn proud of her bigotry.

If by "post racial", you mean racism is rampant.

Among whites who approved [of the Tea Party movement], 35 percent said they believe blacks to be hardworking, 45 percent said they believe them intelligent and 41 percent said they believe them trustworthy.

Run the numbers backwards. 65% of teabaggers think blacks are lazy, 55% think blacks are stupid and 59% clutch their purses tightly when they see a black person.

That's sad. Sad and disturbing.


  1. That sign is... amazing. It amazes me.

  2. I think the sign was supposed to say;

    "The zoo has an African Lyin'(Lion) and the White House has a lyin' African"

    Stupid Teabaggers; can't even do bigotry right!

  3. I’m totally stealing that pic for a blog post. It’s too packed with FAIL not to. Which will make my three posts of the day about images.

    I needs more text.

    Also, while most teabaggers are demonstrably bigoted morons – which is a bit of a requisite to being a teabagger, I figure – I’d be interested in seeing what those numbers look like if we take into account the teabaggers’ comparatively low numbers. After all, 100% of the KKK are racist, but that doesn’t reflect heavily on the general population, does it now?

  4. Overt racism is pretty predictable in the US. Southerners are more likely to be overtly racist than Northerners, middle Americans are more likely to be overtly racist than (east or west) coasters, conservatives are more likely to be overtly racist than liberals, the poor and uneducated are more likely to be overtly racist than the well off and educated.

    As for the kind of subtle racism that people may not be aware of, I dunno. That may well be endemic to the population as a whole.

  5. In Germany people are the most racist when they are the least exposed to people with foreign origin.

    Is that different in the US?

  6. Anonymous gets deleted for violating the terms of service: see also, keep it polite, you bigoted bitch.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'm sure she thinks having been on an elevator with a black lawyer in a three piece suit is all the ghetto experience she needs.

    We have drug dealers that do business in the parking area under our building. They're very polite and quite hard working. They're also trustworthy inasmuch as they agreed not to damage anyone's car or hassle any of the employees and they have not. (It was easier than trying to get the police to actually show up.)

  9. Deleted my comment because it made no sense without the post from Anonymous.

  10. You delete my comment for saying it like it is, while you request "Just keep it polite" and call me "bigoted bitch"? What exactly does polite mean to you?

    And you defend the drug dealers! They sure are trustworthy (breaking the law), hardworking (working hard selling drugs that destroy people's bodies and lives), and intelligent (they're selling drugs rather than getting an education and holding a job that is productive to society).

    In case you're not aware, a black lawyer in a three piece suit does not represent the majority of African Americans. It's sad and needs to be changed, but that's the reality.

  11. Drugs dealers are just entrepreneurs.

  12. PF,
    The bulk of this blog is dedicated to putting up posts by other people and ripping them apart for their views, including this post on racism. Yet when you have a golden opportunity to rip apart a comment for your readers to show how racist, uninformed, fundy, impolite--whatever it was, you instead delete it? How unusual. That's never held you back before considering this is what your blog is all about. Makes me question whether it was actually a violation of terms of service versus something you wanted to squelch before anyone else saw.

  13. Anon write:
    You delete my comment for saying it like it is

    "Saying it like it is". I love this term. It's like a bright red flag attached to the users back with the text, in big white letters, "I express my opinions as if it were undisputable fact".

    Or: "The possibility I might be wrong is for other people!"

    Or: "Arrogance! It's fun!"

    Which it is.

    PS: Try as I might, I can't see anything in PF's statement that could be constitued as [i]defense[/i] of the drug dealers. Compliments for certain aspects of their psychology independant from their pursuits, perhaps, but not defense.

  14. I can never figure out why people who claim to love capitalism, and claim to believe that hard work alone can redeem the poor hate drug dealers. There's nothing more capitalistic than drug dealing, and they are very hard working. Hell, just learning the metric system is beyond me.


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