Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aggressively Sexual Hair

Destroying the world one lovely brown strand of hair at a time.

Antifeminists crack me up. Well, they enrage me, but they also crack me up. I'm a feminist and truly believe that women are as capable as men and as deserving of respect, nothing less, nothing more. Men and women are inherently equal and should be treated as such. Antifeminists, on the other hand, seem to believe that women have a power so dangerous it must be carefully controlled at all times lest we destroy those poor, delicate men where they stand. Sort of like an atom bomb. Only prettier.

in the previous entry on women’s fashions:

“Most women feel the gaze of others on their exposed cleavage. It’s
distracting. I don’t know how these women on television concentrate.”

Others? How . . . ambiguous. Never mind the fact that people on Teh Teevee are probably used to people looking at them.

How the women concentrate? I don’t know how the men concentrate. I’ve watched as
a woman being interviewed by a man is sitting there in a mini-skirt that climbs
half-way up her thighs with endless legs exposed. The male interviewer is
supposed to concentrate on the subject matter, while confronted with a female
body that is half undressed. With orwithout cleavage added to the scene, I’ve
always thought this was most unfair. It’s as if women are saying to men, “Hey,
we know how you’re made and understand your natural impulses, but we enjoy
making you uncomfortable and watching you squirm.”

Endless legs? The physics behind that must be quite interesting. And pity the poor man, unable to look away from infinity legs because men are just incapable of controlling themselves. Men are like wild animals, completely incapable of thinking "nice legs" and moving on. What I love is that this woman is spending more time looking at these endless legs than anyone else. She's so offended, she just can't look away. Uh-huh.

By the way, in those nine photos of women newscasters, only one of them clearly
has exposed cleavage, which is surprising, since I think “no cleavage” is the
rule for news programs. This is unlike a Spanish-speaking station that I’ve
passed from time to time, where the well-endowed women newscasters are all
hanging out of their tight sweaters.

Hispanic women are whores. 9 out of 10 women newscasters agree.

It’s unfair and disrespectful to men. As Lawrence Auster has said, the
workplace with women in aggressively feminine attire is emasculating.
A man has two choices: to respond as a normal man, in which case he is violating
the rules of the workplace and could face punishment, or to suppress his natural

Aggressively feminine attire? What does that even mean? Right now, I am wearing a 50's era (as in, 30 years older than me) pink shirtdress and gold ballet flats with flowers on them. Is that merely feminine or aggressively feminine? At what point does my retro dress become unfair? Also, the man above has a third option: act like an adult human being. He can simply acknowledge, to himself, his attraction, and then continue on behaving in a professional manner. We don't expect people to pee anywhere but a toilet (although peeing whereever you happen to feel the urge would be natural), so why shouldn't we expect a grown man to keep his feelings to himself? Heck, for all I care, every man I work with can have extensive sexual fantasies about me involving whips and farm animals- as long as they never, ever share this fact with me.

Is that what women want? It’s not possible to turn instinctive
responses on and off like a faucet. Do women want men who can look on their
appearance with willed indifference? Regardless of what they want, it is

Sure, but it's totally possible to control one's responses. I do it every time I don't slap people who are annoying me. I guess I'm just being selfish by not slapping people.

Yes, I gave the false impression that low-cut tops are
common among mainstream women newscasters. Their appearance is often
aggressively sexual – in make-up and hair – without exposing their chests.

Yes, I totally lied, but their aggressively sexual hair and makeup is just as bad as any knowledge that they have breasts. Do you know what mascara does to a man?!

The newscasters also tend to wear high heels and short skirts, like many professional women.
One national newscaster who does not fit the mold is Maggie Rodriguez, who is on
the CBS morning show. She is currently pregnant and has obviously gained a good
amount of weight, unlike other newscasters who appear to gain about five ounces
when they are expecting then lose it the day after the baby is born. She has
dark hair and she wears it short. She keeps mentioning how big she is getting
and she seems truly self-conscious about it. I think she seems more likeable
overall than the majority of the national news anchors. What makes me laugh is
the way the female anchors get all fixed up the way you describe then have to
co-anchor with men who have a good many faults on display. Matt Lauer’s balding
head and Al Roker’s heavy frame come to mind.

Yes, it's hilarious that men in the industry are valued for their experience and knowledge while women are primarily valued for their ability to look good in a suit. That's just awesome. And totally their fault for wearing aggressively sexual wristwatches. And don't judge what "professional women" wear by TV shows or what your pastor told you. I know lots of professional women through work- lawyers, bank officers, business owners- and I've never seen one of them ever wearing a miniskirt.

I prefer to watch men. There’s no question many women anchors and
newscasters are smart and talented. But they report the news with more
emotional inflection and no matter how much a woman tones down her appearance,
we are still very conscious of it. But then I don’t watch much TV news at

I can't even stand to glance at a woman. I get these feelings and they are . . . wrong. That stirring in my loins when I see another woman in a lowcut blouse makes baby Jesus cry. And it's their fault! All their fault! If they would just dress in cardboard boxes and shave their heads and wear masks over their lovely faces, with those plush, red lips, it would be so much easier for me to pretend that men turn me on.

Seriously, who spends that much time obsessing about what people you supposedly never see look like?


  1. Do you know what mascara does to a man?!

    It really accentuates their eyes, that's what.

    For fuck's sake. "Aggressively feminine"?

    "No, no, I'm sorry. I know we were complaining a while back that you uppity pants-wearing women don't dress in feminine attire anymore, but this is just too much. TOO much! Why can't Katie Couric just dress like Laura Ingalls, the way Jesus intended?"

    (Totally jealous of your dress, btw!)

  2. I don't know, I think Rachel Maddow is really sexy. Does that mean I'm agreeing with the closet lesbian here? I think Laura here needs to just come out, she'll be much happier.

  3. I am glad I was not the only one reading that and thinking she needed to come out of the closet. For a little while I thought you switched authors and were copying something a man wrote in response.

  4. For the record, my boss is an attractive woman. Yet for some reason I'm still capable of being completely professional around her. Does that mean I'm not a real man? Help me, closet lesbian!

  5. OMG. I am a fan of hot women myself, like in a gay way, and I'm not even close to being as distracted by them as this lady.

  6. I am also bothered by the bit where she's saying that Ms. Rodriguez is likable because she's embarrassed about her pregnancy. I guess pregnancy is not OMG Amazing anymore.

  7. "Duh Mens Can't help der nachural reacshunz!"

    As a happily married man who works with beautiful young women all the time I must disagree. I work a traveling job, staying in hotels, working, dining and recreating with those aggressively feminine types for weeks at a time. Yet somehow I manage to treat them as equals, friends, and co workers.

    Sure there is a bit of sexual tension occasionally but it isn't like the men are constantly drooling uncontrollably. Maybe it is because we are adult men. My guess is that it is just the immature childish types that still believe in fairy tales that don't know how to talk to women without getting dah Cooties.

  8. ......

    is it just me, or does anyone else think that "Laura" is also sort of... jealous? *she* can't dress up like that, *she* can't look like that and maze the minds of men everywhere...

    ok, that's probably just me. what she's saying sounds a LOT like stuff i heard girls say about other girls in school... ["omg, he's only talking to her because she's wearing a mini-skirt!" "Maria, you're skirt is shorter than hers" "but it's not a tight slut-mini-skirt! if i could wear a skirt like that, he'd talk to *me*" "Maria, you HAVE that exact same skirt. and the one you are wearing is shorter"...]


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