Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Worry, I'm an Anteater


I'm bogged down with the craziest case ever, but don't worry, there's an anteater here to help! Just clear the area and let him work. (What really gets me about this picture is that apparently the above scene is so normal that someone took a picture instead of screaming and running away.)


  1. I dunno. I strongly suspect I'd take a picture of an anteater trying to give me a hug. I mean, I'm not sure if it would be for insurance purposes or an attempt to make a follow-up to the badger video, but...y'know...

  2. That does seem like the sort of claim that would demand proof. Especially in the US.

  3. See, now how come psychics and horoscopes can't predict that sort of thing?

    "In the coming month you shall feel regret over things not done, you shall meet people important to your life, and an anteater shall try to hug you."
    "Wait, what?"
    "Also, you shall contract a sexually transmitted disease."
    "Oh c'mon, me getting laid's even less likely than-"
    "-from the anteater."

  4. Look.
    The anteater only buys you 24 hours. So there better be another post here soon.

  5. What's he gonna do, lick you to death?

  6. What's he gonna do, lick you to death?

    Well, the combination of the long pointy snout with the very long snaky tongue could inform some interesting fantasies...

  7. As long as he keeps the claws outta my fantasies, I'm pretty open-minded...

  8. My days in Brazil and other South American places brought me in contact with an expression, "may you be hugged by an ant-eater".

    As maledictions go, that picture is a pretty good indicator that it might not be pleasant.


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