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This Space Intentionally Left Blank

The Slacktivist* has written some remarkable posts on presuming good will, which changed my life, btw. Presuming good will is simple, you do it with friends and loved ones all the time. For example, if your best friend says something to you that seems, at face value, hurtful, you will question them about it because you are operating under the assumption that your best friend doesn't want to hurt your feelings. You are presuming good will.

On the other hand, if someone you dislike says the exact same thing, you'll simply assume they meant to hurt your feelings and move from there. The Slacktivist changed my life by causing me to assume good will from people no matter my feelings towards them or their feelings towards me. Turns out, life is a bit less hurtful if you assume most people are clumsy with language and annoying, but not inherently malevolent.

Unless you're a certain type of Christian, apparently, in which case liberals are Teh Evul and our every action is aimed at destroying God, deposing Satan and running Hell into the ground. (We'll have it bankrupted in a year! BWHAHAHAHAHA!)

I got a bird's-eye view of what Glenn Beck has been talking about for weeks.

Beck has revealed that churches are increasingly becoming socialist breeding grounds. It's not just the Rev. Wright who preached revolution. The president's new Palm Pilot minister, Jim Wallis, trumpets getting to heaven through redistribution.

You know who else trumpeted getting to heaven through redistribution? Jesus. Why am I more familiar with your holy book than you are?

It's bad enough that the radicals want our children, our newspapers, our money, and our health care. But hijacking God?

We also want your flower arrangements, your cookie recipes and your base. All your base are belong to us!

The Left tried first to separate people from God. They banished Him from schools and government; they ridiculed and mocked believers.

I'm not even sure how one banishes an omnipotent being from anywhere, or if that's even possible. Quick history lesson: Why were teaching of the Bible and prayer removed from schools? Because the Catholics and the Protestants couldn't agree on which teachings or which prayers, and the school boards got sick of the arguments and just removed all teachings and prayers. That's right, atheists didn't start this particular fire, we found it already burning and started making smores.

Their efforts having failed miserably (about 80% of all Americans still identity as Christian), so they turn to plan B: Contaminate the Word of God.)

Who keeps leaving the Liberal Handbook where conservatives can find it? There is no use having a secret cabal if it's not secretive, people!

The Left has had many incarnations. The latest is masquerading as holy men, with the holiest, of course, being Obama.
I . . . I . . . wtf?!

At least the '60s radicals were transparent about their true colors. The Weathermen, the Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Black Panthers never held themselves out as Messiahs. They were right in your face with their terrorism, murders, and rapes.

As opposed to the current invisible terrorism, murder and rape. First of all the Weather Underground never killed anyone. The Black Panthers . . . that's a whole nother ball of wax, having to do with generations of racism and frustration, and I'm not touching that. The SLA, ah. The whole Patty Hearst thing. They managed to kill 2 people. And rob banks. I've seen better. What does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Obama role model Saul Alinsky announced to the whole world which master the Left serves. Here's his dedication in Rules for Radicals:

Lest we forget at least an over-the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical ... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -- Lucifer.

More insidious is the new crop of leftists. Wearing the cloak of respectability, they trick the masses through flowery words about hope and change.

Prior to the election, I have never heard of Saul Alinksy. I certainly don't worship Satan. I also think it's a teensy bit rude to accuse liberal Christians, like the Slacktivist, of being Satan worshippers. I suppose the writer never stopped to think that maybe someone read all the things Jesus had to say about the poor and the meek and went, "Ah ha! I should care about the poor!" and then voted for people that aren't trying to cut off unemployment benefits and make the homeless pay to stay in a shelter.

As for the cloak of responsibility, I never wear mine. It's a little scratchy and yellow isn't my best colour.

But those of us who recognize Light also know the chill of darkness. The Left is nocturnal. Its followers live and breathe in the dark.

We're not fucking vampires, dude. Not even the sparkly kind. I'm in bed before 10pm most nights. Also, do you stop living and breathing when the lights get low?

To me, God is about surrender, not power; humility, not humiliation.

A life of the spirit means relinquishing control to God. Humans can't second-guess divine wisdom.

Non sequitur.

The Left views hardship as unfair and launches crusades for social justice. But there's another way to regard suffering -- as holy. Through pain, we solidify our relationship to our Creator.

Wow. That's something. We shouldn't feed the hungry or shelter the homeless, because it's god's special plan that they be hungry and homeless. I . . . am speechless.

I think that the progressives know, deep inside, in places they keep well-hidden, that their souls are damaged.

My soul is damaged? You just said that helping dying children is wrong because god wants them to die and my soul is damaged? Do you even have one?

Their movement is not really about redistribution, or social justice, or green power. It's about extinguishing the Light that exposes their brokenness.

And that's why the Left targets the bright-eyed people -- the children and the pious. In them, the Light is luminous.

How much LSD did you take before writing this?

I just scrolled down to see how much more of this crazy I was going to have to snark and found this:

A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.

That's either some form of high irony I should be enshrining for future generations, or somebody needs to raise standards for the psychotherapy community.

*Yes, that's a general link to the Slacktivist. (a) You should read all of his posts, it's good for you, and (b) my googlefu has apparently left me because I can't find those posts. They're really good, too.


  1. Yes everyone read the Slacktivist. Now that being said, here is the money quote from this article:

    My soul is damaged? You just said that helping dying children is wrong because god wants them to die and my soul is damaged? Do you even have one?


  2. "Beck has revealed ..."


  3. What's with saying that Jesus was for 'redistribution'? I'm assuming you were talking about wealth. Jesus preached charitable giving. He also said that we should not steal nor covet, which is what redistribution of wealth is in the modern world. It typically includes the following: envy the rich, assume they got rich because they cheated other people, take their wealth through taxes, give it to poor people who live on welfare and keep them poor. That's not at all what His gospel entailed.

  4. Conservative politicians have been servicing church goers for hundreds (thousands?) of years. In recent memory, evangelical Christians have been largely responsible for the election of 3 American presidents 9Reagan, Carter and GWBush).

    Libruls are not responsible for the politicization of Christian activism - the people who equate God with country, however, are.

  5. Around here we have people getting up to some ptetty strange tricks vis-a-vie their "holy book".

    People I have known for years who will tell you (or USED to)that the King James Version was the Only True Word Of God, and was what just EVERYBODY was required to read and heed.

    Now they're not so sure.

    It's the preception of generosity that's become off-putting. That "Feast of Dives" thing with Lazarus, that's gotta go. And a few other things as well, warm fuzzy folks like the Schlafley's think a re-write is in order to cleanse their infallable book. There have even been editorial letters in the local "fish wrapper" on the subject.

    Who knew? King James was actually a commie populist!

    How people's minds work is beyond me.

    There was an article about organ donation last Sunday, and a family member of a recipient said, "by god's grace a liver became available".

    There was a flash of sparkly light and a liver appeared by the bedside, just in the nick of time?

    Nope, someone otherwise healthy died probably a traumatic death, a family was bereaved, their lives were turned upside down and will never be the same, but hey! That's "god's grace" for you, at least in the minds of the faithful.


  6. why do i go away, ever? i mean it's not like i *mean* to go away, but when i come back there's *THIS* and i wonder why i didn't at least come visit a little bit...

    meh. babbling. this was *very* well done, PF!


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