Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Meek Can Have It When the Bold Are Done With It

This article is a mess o' whinging about the National Day of Prayer and Obama and liberals, but what's interesting is how very specifically, the writer makes my point for me about religion in the US. It's too wrapped up in politics, it's too powerful in making policy and what truly makes these people angry isn't a loss of prayer- they can pray any damn time they want- it's a loss of power.

Perhaps the blame for this change in the political atmosphere should be laid at the feet of the current administration and it’s concept of pluralism. After all, the president boldly declared last year that the U.S. was no longer a Christian nation. This remark infuriated the faithful and set the stage for millions of rank and file Christians to question his personal faith. Next, he did not attend the National Day of Prayer and refused to make a declaration or statement until late in the day last year. Conservative Christian powerbrokers watched tentatively as the administration attempted to bring new leaders into the president’s advisory circle. These new leaders had no real national cache’ with the Christian masses. Despite the fact that the president attended a Congressional prayer breakfast earlier this year, his approach seems to have been aimed at “defanging” the politically powerful, religious right. [emphasis added]

Conservative Christian powerbrokers. Politically powerful religious right. Yeah, well, that's honest, but stop snarling at me about morals and values and faith. You had power, you like power, you've lost power and you're mad. The meek shall inherit what, now?

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  1. "More than 70 earths spinnin' about the galaxy, and the meek have inherited not a one."

    - Malcolm Reynolds

    After all, the president boldly declared last year that the U.S. was no longer a Christian nation.

    What is this, 1798? Damn you, John Adams, you secret Muslim terrorist sympathizer! The Senate won't allow for your God-hating tacti.... oh wait, they unanimously ratified it after a public reading.

    But that's OK, because Adams was WHITE.


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