Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How Not to Win Friends and Influence People

You probably shouldn't ask me how to win friends and influence people. I'm generally the least normal person in the room, I'm socially awkward and I am perfectly happy alone. I can tell you this, however, I'm much better socially than a message board full of fundys.

I have a real problem being around people that are not saved. That is so wrong of me. I should have all this love for everyone regardless of their beliefs. But instead I get disgusted and somewhat angered at their blindness. I know they can't help it, that the Holy Spirit has to work through them and if they don't have the Holy Spirit then no matter what I say isn't going to make one bit of sense.

That's like saying I know children can't help being children, but I just want to smack their little faces for being all silly and ignorant. Like children!

Every person in my family has told me that they donot want to hear me talk about Jesus in their presence. Why should I want to be around them and put on a happy face when my whole self is being quenched? I have anger toward them as they stop me from from talking about the most important person in my life, which is Jesus Christ my Savior. It is like telling them to not talk about their families, that I don't believe in them.

I am divorced, I am a senior and I live alone. When I am among people, I want to talk Jesus. I don't have a good time being with people making small talk. It bores me. I feel like it is wasted time to talk about worldly things when they should be listening to the GOOD NEWS and yet they are so close minded about it.

Your whole self is Jesus? You have no interest in the weather, gardening, decorating, books, music, TV, dogs, cats, cars, sports, nothing? That is sad. Look, I get it. I'd rather talk video games or Girl Genius or the Eagles or cool scientific news, but when I'm in a group of people that don't care about those things, I don't. My side of the family doesn't care about sports, comics or video games. So I talk about things they are interested in. If all else fails, the weather works just fine. That's how society works. I don't start jabbering at my 70 years Catholic mother about atheism, she doesn't push me to go to church, we get along fine.

I feel like it is wasted time to talk about worldly things when they should be listening to the GOOD NEWS and yet they are so close minded about it. Well, now, who's close-minded about what? They may we close-minded about Jesus, but you're equally close-minded about anything they're interested in, honey. Pots, glass houses and something.

Now, a bitter old woman's diatribe about her horrible family isn't all that surprising, but the responses make me fear what some people's Thanksgivings are like.

People's words, actions and behaviour today is beyond belief and to a Believer it can be like being contaminated with their sin when we are around them.

It is what they are doing and saying that obviously disturbs you and it does me as well. Course language, disregard for decency, some people's morals are so far from God's it is pure evil. How much can we bear to listen to and watch when we are being made Holy and more and more like Jesus. Makes you think how hard was it for Jesus to be in the midst of us after coming down from heaven.

Yes, I'm not just an atheist, I'm a disease. A virulent disease. Which may or may not involve boils, but does involve indecency and coarse language- and PURE EVIL! DUM DUM DUM!!!!!!1!!! I originally hoped fundys could learn to tolerate the rest of us, now I'm hoping they could just stop with the name calling.

No you are not nuts, just come here and talk to us, we'll talk Jesus with you!!! I feel the exact same way. As a matter of fact I pray daily for the Lord to give me a genuine love for others as He loves them because it can be so hard sometimes. Hubs and I were at a Gospel Concert at ORU lastnight and it was mostly older people our age and everyone was "Amening" and "Praising the Lord" and I told Hubs, "I just love being around other Christians, it feels like being at home!" He agreed. I got to meet Guy Penrod, and Gold City was fabulous, it was a good night!

Yes, my dear, the way people act at a concert is an excellent indication of how they act in their daily lives. I saw this one woman at a MLWTTKK concert wearing nothing but a leather mini skirt and 4 pieces of electrical tape. The electrical tape was placed over her nipples in 2 Xs. I could be wrong, but I bet she didn't go to work the next day dressed like that.

Oh, HugsForJesus, I'm in the same boat! I'm 63, divorced and live alone. I don't talk on the phone much and rarely "socialize." When I get around people, it just bores the socks offa me to engage in worldly, mundane chit-chat. I can't help it, it's just so phenomenally BORING, when you could be using the time to talk about Jesus!!! The more "worldly" the talk, the more impatient I find myself feeling! Plus, it is just plain SAD and depressing to be around people who are lost.

But, even so, we HAVE to be IN this world, even if we're not OF it. And we have to cope the best we can. I think anyone who truly devotes themselves to the Lord suffers with this problem, to one degree or another.

Boring? You want boring? I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday typing a 13 page legal description. That is boring. Though probably more interesting than any conversation anyone's had with you recently.


  1. Oh non-existent God, ORU, that means they live near me. I figured as much before hand but actually seeing it is frightening.

    Speaking of sports what you think about the McNabb trade? My biggest gripe is why trade to someone in the same division? you make yourself weaker and them stronger good job.

  2. I think that the evangelical need to repeatedly push their beliefs may be more complicated at least in the general case. In this particular case, it looks like people are using their own selfish motives in conjunction with theological and other reasons that make the whole thing much worse.

    This is closely related to (gratuitous plug!) a blog entry I wrote on this topic a while back:



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