Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comments to Make You Cry

If you haven't read What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp by Ted Cox, you should. The story alone is enough to make anyone with the slightest bit of empathy teary-eyed, if only from frustration, but the comments are worse.

Especially this one:

You’re nothing but a left-wing fascist. You have no respect for the thousands of people with SSA [same sex attraction] who know that what they have is a neurosis and an addiction. What do you know about our suffering? This is America: we have the right to want to change. If people can decide to change their gender, why can’t they decide to change their sexual orientation? The mainstream gay world feels threatened and wants to defend its rights by squashing the rights of people with unwanted SSA.

I don’t think much of Rich Wyler and Richard Cohen (tried their seminars, was not impressed). There are much more professional approaches (Joseph Nicolosi, The reason amateurs Wyler and Richard Cohen thrive is because people with unwanted SSA have been abandoned by the psychological profession, under pressure from politically correct fascists like yourself.

I do think your reporting is valuable in that it confirms my doubts about Richard Wyler, but if you have ANY shame and any scruples, why don’t you make it your next project to talk (openly, not behind a mask) to people with unwanted SSA so you can convince yourself that we’re not all repressed and under the influence of religion. I’m a Jewish-born left-wing atheist. I have SSA because I was emotionally abused by my mother and father. Duh!

You’re not even reporting accurately. Rich Wyler’s organization is NOT Christian. He NEVER talks about Jesus. You’re incompetent as well as prejudiced.

Get a real job and stop harassing a persecuted minority. Try to act like the scientist that you’re not and find out how many people with unwanted SSA were actually abused by their parents.

What's sad about that is why homosexuality would be unwanted: because society makes it so. Sexuality is like height- you're born with it. It's possible that constantly being sick as a child caused me to be a little shorter than I should have been (I'm 5'1.5" tall), but I was never going to be average height, let alone tall. Outside factors can affect sexuality somewhat, in terms of whether you find blondes more attractive than brunettes, but there is no outside factor that can make one homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual or anything in between.

This poor commentor so desperately hates himself, so desperately wants to change because of people like the Opiners, the Westboros, the Mormons, those who blame the Catholic pedophile scandal on gays.

Here's the thing; best of luck in coming to terms with yourself, but if we lived in a society where the men were predominantly gay and I had need to change my sexual orientation, I'd be as much out of luck as you probably are. I didn't decide that women aroused me and that men were sexually completely uninteresting, my penis told me all about it. I couldn't even fake it convincingly. I'd experience the same problems maintaining a gay relationship that gay men have in heterosexual marriage.

Exactly. I didn't need anyone to tell me that men arouse me and women do not. Until women start getting that broad-shouldered/slim hipped physique, that facial skin that's rough underneath all the time, and, oh yeah, penises, I can't change my attraction. And here's this poor guy, twisting himself into knots trying to change what can't be changed because assholes tell them that he should and scam artists tell him that he can.


  1. Okay, and here I thought Matt Taibbi's "Jesus Made Me Puke," was the most disturbed I'd get by an account of a weekend retreat.

    But, man, the guy who couldn't come up with anything bad to say about his dad but who was eventually encouraged to beat his father to death in absentia over this one time his dad was busy? Holy. Fraggin'. Crap.

    That's sociopathic. There's nothing else to say about it.

  2. I could write a book of bad things to say about my dad, and I'm disturbed by the concept of killing him in effigy.

  3. I also like the part where the author makes the counterpoint that his father was spiritually castrated and abusive. Yet he likes women.

    It's really disturbing when read in the context of having once loved Wild at Heart, though. The entire Christian masculinity movement is so much more disturbing than it seemed back in the day. And the positioning of, "Raise your boys right or they'll become teh gay," is nefarious.

  4. I'm sharing this with everyone I know.

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  6. ZOMG! It's aware of the BOOBQUAKE!!!!11!!!eleven!

  7. DM is a spambot, right? Right?

  8. Isn't this the 3rd or 4th *FINAL WARNING* (jung jung jung!) we've gotten from Mr. Markuze? Maybe he needs to put the Nostradamus down long enough to pick up a dictionary and learn the definition of the word "Final".

    But I guess that's the way it goes when you keep waiting for a prophecy that never actually comes true...

  9. @Quasar - no, as far as can be determined, he's a human being with the neurological *function* of a spambot.

    Actually, I'm kind of relieved. Mr. Markuze had gone off my radar for a couple of days, and I was a bit worried that he might have done himself some harm. I'd be happier if he'd come to apologize for bugging people, and promise to give up on the incoherespam*, but that was probably too much to hope for anyway.

    * Hey, if German can make new words by squooshing existing words together, I can too!

  10. Michael- yep. And I like your translation of Inkohärenzspam.


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