Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Crazy 8's* of Bigotry

The Opine Editorials, best known for bigotry with a side order of wtf, has a new contributor: Renee. Whilst On Lawn enjoys sly homophobia and The Playful Walrus barely contained contempt for the other, Renee's style is more about splaying random words upon the screen that may or may not relate to any subject matter anywhere.

From National Public Radio.... How I Met Your Father: A Mom's Memories And how many individuals today will not hear a positive story of their own parents meeting, because they don't love each other and too painful to remember? Why did it matter to the author to capture this memory?

This relates to same sex marriage how? Societal breakdown maybe? I don't know. It's definitely ungrammatical, in that VERBS: USE THEM is what I shouted upon reading it, but further reading didn't help me grasp any point at all.

I just saw this article regarding fathers ability to prevent smoking in teenagers. 'Communicative Fathers' Help Reduce Teenage Smoking from Science Daily While many fathers are present at birth, who may not be married to the mother we have to ask where is that father 15 years down the road? Is he a just a child support check? Is he seen every other weekend? How does someone have consistent communication with his child, when the father does not live under the same roof. Does facebook count for personal communication? Can one parent online to a teenager? Another study to note is the disparity in blacks and whites regarding lung cancer. Blacks suffer from lung cancer at a much higher rate then whites. Now with 70% of all children, who are black being born out of wedlock what are their chances that there will be a communicative father down the road in their own lives?

COMMAS: LEARN THE RULES** is, of course, my first thought, because I don't think 70% of all children are black, which quickly turned into GOOGLE: USE IT so I did. Guess what I found? That's right. African Americans smoke less than whites. In fact, the reason blacks are more likely to die of lung cancer is lack of access to adequate health care, not smoking:

  • Despite lower smoking rates, African Americans are more likely to develop and die of lung cancer than whites.
  • African American men are 37 percent more likely to develop lung cancer than white men, even though their overall exposure to cigarette smoke – the primary risk factor for lung cancer – is lower.
  • African Americans are more likely to be diagnosed later, when cancer is more advanced.
  • African Americans are more likely to wait longer after diagnosis to receive treatment, to refuse treatment, and to die in the hospital after surgery.

That has nothing to do with raising children via Facebook, Renee. Thanks for playing!

*What? You've never played Crazy 8's? It's fun! I don't recommend Slapjack, although kids always think it's the best game ever.

** Let's eat, Fred! being a far different sort of day than Let's eat Fred!


  1. I agree, Renee is even more WTF than most of the other Opine contributors. Although, if you told them that they'd just tell you that you suck at reading (see also, Dunning-Kruger effect).

  2. It's like listening to a very small child tell a story. Each sentence makes sense individually, but they don't really relate to one another. It's brainbreaking.

  3. Nitpicking grammar and getting all worked up over other people not staying on the subject you deem correct on THEIR blog. Well aren't you the center of the universe.

  4. Some random anonymous person wrote:
    Nitpicking grammar and getting all worked up over other people not staying on the subject you deem correct on THEIR blog.

    I thought PF was making a point about the fact that the subject matter apparently had no relation to anything at all. It had no point.

    Also, capitals only go at the start of sentences and names. For emphasis, try using italics.

    Finally, a note on internet ettiquette. Posting as an anonymous user is fine. Posting less than two sentences is fine. Posting something that contains an insult is fine. Even posting something that doesn't address any of the valid points raised by the person you're disagreeing with is fine. But combine the four and there is a good chance that you are what is known on the internet as a "troll," and will likely be addressed as such.

    "Well aren't you the center of the universe."

    Well aren't you a cute little condescending troll. Yes you are! Oh yes you are! [pats condescending troll on head]

  5. Quasar,
    Don't lecture me about grammar until you learn to spell. Eukaryote is spelled with a 'y'. You might want to fix that on your profile before you get viewer #36 (is that all?)


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