Monday, April 12, 2010

What Doesn't Change You?

With this picture, I have most certainly changed you. Feel free to thank me.

There is a prolife ad campaign that is so ridiculous I'm not sure what to say about it. The tagline is "Abortion changes you."

What doesn't change you? Having a child will most certainly change you. Giving that child up for adoption will definitely change you as well. Teh Hubby made me this fish sandwich yesterday, with a rosemary-garlic-mayo sauce thing baked into the fish that changed me. It's all I can think about now.

There is no decision, experience, conversation, sight, sound or random accident that won't change you. We are the sum of our experiences, we cannot remain unchanged. Some of those changes will be unexpected, or will affect us in ways we won't expect, but nobody walks out the same as they walked in.



  1. Great link PF. And I'd add to that link's second picture an addendum that says that now that I've been to college, I may actually be able to support children appropriately!

  2. I think I disagree with your criticism. True, the tag line is fairly meaningless if read literally. However, if you step back and look at it with a casual eye, the meaning becomes significant.

    An excellent fish sammich changes you, but it doesn't Change you. Marriage, pregnancy, death of a loved one, house ownership, a 4-year degree, divorce, long term illness, whatever - these things change you profoundly.

    For most of the women I've met, an abortion stays with them for a lifetime. It certainly affects different people differently, but they never forget the event in question, and it often seems to motivate them to avoid having to experience it again.

    I rather like the tag line. It leaves the final analysis up to the person reading it, rather than claiming "Abortion is murder" or whatever,

  3. You're comparing the killing of a human being to a fish sandwich? That is an extremely selfish, inhumane and callous comment. Apparently you have no empathy for what a woman goes through when she has an abortion. I agree with Whateverman. The women I've talked to who have had an abortion admitted they have been affected by it in a significant way. The event can be very traumatic. For you to blow that off and compare it to tasty food is so insensitive.

  4. A halloween party, you've obviously never been to one


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