Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Etiquette Shorts

If you are a man standing next to a woman you do not know on a windy day, and her skirt pulls a Marilyn Monroe, giving you a clear view of her underwear, the polite response is to pretend that the same gust of wind rendered you temporarily blind.

It is not proper to turn to said woman and exclaim, "Wow! Them some nice panties! You get 'em at Victoria's Secret?"

Just so you know.


  1. Wow! I really hope that didn't happen, though I also wouldn't be suprised.

  2. Yes, it did. And while I do buy my panties at VS, during the semiannual sales, I don't really want to discuss them with a total stranger. A total creepy stranger.

  3. I favor the "make a show of deliberately looking in another direction" approach to this sort of situation, though there are a few people (my wife, and maybe one or two friends) to whom I might say, "Hubba hubba!"

  4. I think the comment was a bit much, but don't you think it's asking the impossible of men to not look? You could always wear bloomers...

  5. I agree with Ginx. Totally your fault for wearing nice panties. You probably caused that poor man to stumble. You should know that skirts should always be paired with knee length modesty garments ("bloomers" is just too provocative of a word).

  6. I said pretend to be blind after the fact. Go ahead and look, just act oblivious afterwards. "Wind? Really? I didn't notice any wind."

  7. So taking pictures and posting them on the internet is probably way too far then. I have some cleaning up to do, bbl...

  8. Hehehe, I don't think it is normal to expect a man not to look, but yes, please act like you didn't notice after the fact.
    Well, now if you ever see this man again you know to avoid him because he is really really creepy and rude. Look at what you learned today!

  9. I wonder if he's the type of guy who talks to you at the urinal. I hate those guys.

  10. If these is the sort of pick-up lines guys are using today, then why the hell am I still single?

    Creepy bugger. You should have hit him. With a tire-iron.

  11. Yeah, it'd be impolite to spend more than a few (surprised) microseconds facing the skirt/dress in question. Anything more than that is oglery...

    PS. Someone have the number for the Oxford English Dictionary publisher? I wanna make a suggestion...


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