Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Obama's Done Wrong

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Did you ever listen to someone go on about a person they have an irrational hatred for- a coworker, acquaintance, musician, celebrity- and while they can't think of one nice thing to say about the individual, they also can't come up with one specific flaw or bad act, either? You're left with the opinion that either the hatred is completely irrational, or the hater doesn't want to admit what it is they really hate about the person, i.e., race, sexual orientation, etc.

That's what it's like when wingnuts try to describe their hatred of Obama. (Note: this is what real people who vote actually think about Obama. It's frightening.)

Describe what Obama is doing wrong

I perceive a very negative opinion of Obama on this board. I'm not American and I don't know much about politics, but I was in the midst of a pro-Obama discussion between some Christians and had the nerve to speak up with an alternative viewpoint. I don't think I articulated my view very well.

I would appreciate if someone could sum up what Obama is doing wrong, as concisely as possible. Is it possible that the negatives are outweighed by the positive changes he is making, as these Christians believed?

Keep in mind, this person who doesn't know anything about American politics, or Obama, hates Obama, for admittedly no reason at all. That's some fantastic wingnuttery right there. (From Canada, no less!) "Please tell me why I should hate the man I already hate."

First off, are you living on this planet ? What has this guy done right ? Just one thing do you know ? I can't believe you are asking this question.

Well, uh, healthcare. Dialing down the rhetoric in the Middle East. Taking nuclear responses to nonnuclear provocation off the table. Those are good things.

Well I'm not American either, so I don't know the issues as intimately as others here. But some off the top of my head are:

1. Making Abortion more accessible

2. Over-ruling the Constitution to ram what he wants down the throats of the people

3. Refusing to produce a Birth Certificate and taking extreme lengths to hide it... he's a law breaker, to say the least.

4. Mocking the Bible, the Christian faith, and bullying Israel while reaching out to the Muslims.

That's just a starter list.....

None of those things. How has Obama made abortion more accessible? He has not. He has not overruled the Constitution, he has not refused to produce a birth certificate, nor has he mocked the bible or christians. He has not bullied Israel, though I wish he would. As for "reaching out to Muslims", yes, he did do that. There's 1 billion of them, and they live on the same planet we do. We need to make nice occasionally.

My apologies. I will just sum up Obama as short as I can , HE IS BAD NEWS . If I make a list of what this guy has done my blood pressure will go through the roof. I will let others explain the things this guy has done.

I, too, cannot answer the question, but my nonanswer will be in convincing RED CAPS.

He's done everything wrong. He basically just kicked this nation off a cliff, and it's currently plummeting towards the jagged rocks. We're just waiting for the gruesome death.

I can't answer the question, either, but I will use violent imagery to not answer your question.

1. He supports and upholds infanticide!

2. He hates this country, the very country he leads. Don't believe me, then, read his two, that's right, two autobiographies!

3. He just came out and said the US will never use nukes, even if we are attacked by nukes, he will never respond in that way. In other words, please attack America, you will not be retaliated against.

4. He is a Marxist. He does not believe in the free market system. He is nationalizing every piece of our economy he can get his hands on.

5. He is a racist. In his book he speaks very badly of white people. His grandparents who raised him were white, and he said he hated that part of himself, and would separate himself from that part. He actually referred to his own grandmother as a "typical white person."

6. He is a liar. He said he sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years but never heard the radical sermons that we have heard sound bites of......

7. He is anti-Israel. He supports Israel's enemies, not our ally, Israel. In fact, he bows down to Arab kings, but treats Netanyahu like a door mat.

Is this enough because there is much much more....

Infanticide, really? Um, no. Hates America? No. Taking nuclear weapons off the table is apparently a bad thing in this alternate reality in which Obama eats babies. Marxist? Obama is barely left of center. Oh, you're talking about healthcare. Yes, providing healthcare for your fellow Americans is the mark of Stalin.

Then we're back to the racist meme, which is racist in and of itself. For as much as Obama is described as being "black", he's half white. His mother was white, his grandparents were white, he himself is as much white as he is black. Accusing Obama of being racist against white people is an attempt to make him TEh Scaree (entirely) Black Man Who Will Shank You All, Possibly In Da Hood.

#1 He diminishes Jesus Christ, and is embarrassed by the claims of God about His Son.

He secured 700+ billion dollars as a slush fund to "stimulate" the things he wants to "stimulate."

He secured a new federal entitlement program while ignoring all the other entitlement programs bankruptcy.

He cuts deals with "special" interests at the expense of the rest of us, like giving unions special deals on health care. A feat usually reserved by mutual silence because it is shameful, he now makes public, even righteous in his own eyes, and flaunts in the face of the people.

He "apologized" to the world for Americas 'folly', in his own eyes anyway.

He has let double digit unemployment hang around the necks of the people. Yes, it is entirely his responsibility, I give him no one iota of slack.

However, if you're arguing with your average European or socialist, I wouldn't even waste my breath.

The diminishment of Jesus I can only assume means being polite to Muslims. Yes, there was no stimulus in the Bush Administration. None at all. What entitlement programs are bankrupt? Guess I missed that. As for the unemployment, yes, the economy was fine under Bush. It collapsed the day Obama took office. Totally Obama's fault. Yes, indeedy.

The worst thing he has done above all else...
He has played the race card. He has demonized white, hard working , law abiding, CHRISTIAN, God Fearing Americans. Everything is the white man's fault.

Yes, it's so hard to be a white, Christian male in America today.

Kidding aside, you have said it better than I could. And as good as your list is it just scratches the surface of what this radical, narcicistic, muslim, comunist, socialist, Chicago machine politician, and out of control refugee from the rubber room president could do to this country and the world if he isn't stopped; and soon.

So, barely left of center is radical and comunist [sic] AND socialist, black is muslim, something is narcicistic [sic], and black is "out of control refugee". I get tea party politics now.

With all this said, either Obama is extremely ignorant of what the people of this country want, or he is very shrewd. He is stripping us of all rights and putting us in physical danger. He has surrounded himself with liars and thieves who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And they think it's funny. They laugh at us and make fun of us and even set us up to look bad. He's controlling the media now and trying to remove our free speech. We have a dictator problem now and yet, we do nothing. Isn't there something we can do to stop this craziness?

He's ignorant of what the majority who elected him want? I doubt it. What rights has Obama stripped you of, and were you equally enraged when Bush stripped you of rights? Nobody needs to set you up to look bad, you guys do that just fine on your own. As for controlling the media- have you seen Fox and CNN? Have you had any trouble listening to Limbaugh? I didn't think so. As for what to do about "this craziness", I assume you've heard of voting?

There's just not going to be any getting through to these people, is there?

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  1. He throws a baseball like my mom.
    I'm sorry...that's an insult to my mom.
    Actually, he throws a baseball like a right-handed person trying to throw left-handed for the 1st time.

  2. PF, just move slowly away from the Raptards. It is blocked at my work so that makes it easier, I know sometimes it is hard to look away from the train wreck.

  3. It's not just there, Beams. I know a few, apparently smart, blog-friends who have this same gut reaction to Obama but, when pressed, come out with the most ridiculous garbage imaginable to defend their outrage.

    This was pretty damn funny though.

  4. This person wrote:
    #1 He diminishes Jesus Christ, and is embarrassed by the claims of God about His Son.

    ... [snip] ...

    However, if you're arguing with your average European or socialist, I wouldn't even waste my breath.

    Let's play count the sarcastiquotes!

    1) "stimulate"
    2) "stimulate."
    3) "special" interests
    4) He "apologized" ...
    5) ... for Americas 'folly'

    Only the last makes any sense in context, and there he uses single quotes? I'm disabling this guys quote button.

  5. My only complaint of the guy is he's too moderate. Insurance companies are already looking for loopholes for dropping kids with pre-existing conditions. You can't make a deal with people willing to kill kids for profit.

  6. Atheists,


    you little liars do nothing but antagonize...

    and you try to eliminate all the dreams and hopes of humanity...

    but you LOST...



    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...




    atheists deny their own life element...



  7. Blah, blah, blah, liars, blah, blah, blah, Universe, blah, blah, blah.

    Translation: "I am incapable of coming up with original content."

  8. God, I hate reading stuff like that. It's 98% stupidity mixed with infrequent fact.

  9. ""Unless you are Dennis Markuze, in which case you're never seeing your comment.""


    And I watched your video DM. How does this prove anything?

  10. Notice how you're complaining about how people against Obama never back up their facts, yet you didn't back up anything in your arguments either. All you did was repeat what they said, and said "No", without any shred of proof to why it was false. You are a hypocrite. Silly liberals...politics are for smart people =]


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