Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forever In Hell Sells Out!

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Yeah, that's right. I'm selling out- or buying in. Whatever. Coming soon, you can buy Forever In Hell inspired t-shirts, coffee mugs, ummm . . . any suggestions?

To begin with, I plan to offer t-shirts that say "Show Your Work" and "Jesus doesn't make you better than me" and "I'm an atheist- ask me about cookies!"

Any and all suggestions/artwork will be gratefully accepted!


  1. Yeah, I can definitely already think of an atheist friend of mine who will need a "cookies" shirt. Definitely.

    Will you have anything for the semi-credulous borderline Buddhists? :D

  2. How about "Zen Masters Order a Hotdog One With Everything"?

    Yeah, I got nothin'.

  3. ohohohohoh!!! i want the cookie one! can i wear it even if i'm NOT an atheist?

    i recommend hoodies, bumper stickers, and pillow (yes, they have pillows) i won't get a pillow, but as soon as i get $$ next quarter i WILL get a cookie shirt!

    oh! how about just a cookie on a shirt, and how about selling some sort of plush cookie-looking thing? (i have no clue if such a thing is possible, but it fills my heart with glee to imagine Pete's face as he gets into bed with me and a GIANT COOKIE!!! *giggle*)

    erm. took my night meds, so my ideas are drying up. plus i spent ALL this time since thursday night celebrating my 32nd and then VDay (which was weird, we agreed to not do Valentines 3 years ago, but he REALLY REALLY wanted to do Valentines. not BAD, just confusing. painful, i'm still not recovered, but so totally worth it! i will spare you the TMI)

    serious. stuffed plushie cookies.

  4. you know, i really am serious about the stuffed plushie cookies. i would totally buy lots of those.

    but when is the air date for this endevour (how do you spell "endevore"? "endever" ARGH! my spellcheck is making IE close so i can't use it! save me please)

  5. Thanks to the word of [censored] we are go right now, but only for a few items. i need to figure out how to add more items.

  6. click on "atheism: now you can wear it" below the scarlet A

  7. i promise to buy one as soon as the bills are paid. so, about 2 weeks :)

    giant stuffed plushie cookie!!!

  8. "Jesus doesn't make you better than me" is not showing in the store. Are you still selling that one?


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