Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Atheists Blog

Why do I blog about atheism? Why do I call people on their antiAtheist bullshit?

This is why.

Brookeland High School [Texas] teacher said he is not sure what his next step will be after resigning from his job of six years.

Richard Mullens, a teacher for more than 30 years, resigned his position as history teacher after being placed on paid administrative leave by the Brookeland Independent School District.


He said that a pregnant student had gotten into a discussion with her former boyfriend about "whether he believed in love or not."

Another student, who was not involved in the conversation, got up and left the class, saying she was uncomfortable with the conversation.

That student's mother later came to the school, spoke to the principal about the situation and verbally threatened Mullens. In a subsequent conference with Mullens and the principal, the parent accused Mullens of calling her daughter names and being an atheist. She said that several board members wanted him ousted because he was too liberal and an atheist, he said.


Mullens said in his six years at the school, he has never received a complaint from a parent or administrator. Turner, who is in his second year as principal, said that Mullens file has no record of infractions.


For more on the story, please go here.


  1. That's terrible, what's wrong with these people?

  2. I have no idea. "Teh atheism, it's spreading!" is my immediate reaction, but I don't know.

    Maybe just the fact that he let a pregnant high schooler speak was enough, and atheism is the excuse. Keep in mind, just as when I was fired, the atheism was unconfirmed. He hasn't said whether or not he actually is an atheist- just the accusation was enough.

  3. What's most disturbing to me is that Mullens was fired (some say "pressured into resigning", but let's call it what it is) because of an accusation. Admittedly being an atheist is not a crime, and not something anyone should be fired for--including both you and Mullens. It's still frightening that the school board would be so eager to fire a good teacher just because someone accused him of being an atheist.

  4. Oh, just the accusation is enough. Mind you, if he had been accused of say, molesting students, there would have been an investigation.

    Honest to nothing much, "atheist" is the worst insult some people can think of. The comments in this post are an excellent example of this.

    If you look at the roots of psychoanalysis and at how it is taught in the schools, there are very few who come out as practitioners who aren't atheists and at the forefront of acceptance of homosexual behavior. How can we expect such a group of people to make rational decisions?

    First of all, the majority of psychologists are theists, at least according to the research I could find. And, what the fuck does being an atheist have to do with that conversation at all?

    Nothing. Except "atheist" is the worst thing Euripides can think of to say about someone.

    (Also, note that Euripides is a "traditional marriage" defender, and a misogynist, who named himself after an Ancient Greek playwright. Um, the ancient Greeks considered gay love to be purer and more desirable than hetero love. Moron.)


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