Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Do Atheists Hate America?

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Now that we've dealt with the fact that I don't hate god, we've got the asshats at In God We Trust* asking why I hate America. South American, Central America, North America? Mexico, Paraguay, Panama?

I think what they're trying to ask is why I hate the United States. We'll go with that.

The nation's largest atheist group who? the American Atheists? Freedom from Religion Foundation? My friends and I? wants you to imagine a world without the Pledge of Allegiance, without faith, without patriotism, and without America [the US] as we know it.

Well, yes and no. I don't care whether or not you have faith or you don't. Nor do I care what you have faith in. (If you simply must have faith in something, I suggest the Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

I would like actual separation of church and state, however. That would be fun. Simply put, get your religion out of my government.

I'm fine with the Pledge of Allegiance- which was written without the words "under god". In fact, the pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, in 1892. Under god was added in 1954. That's right, kids, for 62 years, we were not a nation under god. We were just a nation.

As for patriotism, what does loving my country have to do with loving god? Nothing.

However, In God We Trust is standing up to them with a new advertising campaign that exposes how much the radical Atheist movement jackboots! hates America and everything our nation stands for. that's right, I hate mom and apple pie. (no, mom, i love you very much and you know how i feel about your apple pie. just making a point here.) The Freedom from Religion Foundation so that's who it is! has begun posting their "Imagine No Religion" billboards all across the country. because christians can go door to door proselytizing, can bother people in malls, can litter world with tracts, but how dare atheists get a few billboards? It's outrageous!

So, In God We Trust has created our own billboard campaign asking "Why Do Atheists Hate America?" that's right, our billboard, "Imagine No Religion" accused theists of treason, just like your si-- no, wait . . . Why does this particular atheist group seem to want to banish people of faith? we don't. we'd just like our voice out there, too. what's wrong with that? or do you not love the First Amendment? why do you hate the constitution? Our sign doesn't say, ‘Imagine No Atheists.' no, it just asks why we hate the entire fucking country. that's so much nicer. All we want is a public debate. yeah, that's why you accused us of feeling the same way about the US that al Queda does. We want the atheists to defend some of the Anti-American statements they've made. what Anti-American statements? Not only that, but we would like to know how ‘Imagine No Religion' is different than ‘Imagine No Christians' or ‘Imagine No Jews'? cause religion as a term isn't very specific, is it, asshat? Think about what these atheists are really saying. ‘Imagine No Mother Theresa?' ‘Imagine No Martin Luther King, Jr.?'

yeah, because "imagine no religion" means "we want to kill civil rights activists". who cracked the code?

I guess that's the kind of world in which these atheists think we would all be better off living. i'd like a world without you. that would be better. We disagree, and we think most Americans feel the same way. To learn more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation's views on patriotism, America, and religious freedom in its leaders' own words, click HERE. asshat linked you to some quote mining, most of which he clearly did not understand, but if you want to know what the FFRF said, go to the FFRF. To help in the fight to defend America's religious heritage you may make a contribution to In God We Trust or sign up for periodic email updates by clicking on the appropriate icon below. GIVE US MONEY! We spent it all on the stupid billboards and now we can't buy coffee!

what's sad is, this is what passes for serious debate in this country.

*I cross out the "God" on every bill I get and write "Gay" above it. I'm starting the revolution!


  1. "I cross out the "God" on every bill I get and write "Gay" above it"

    why did i never think of this! i must start doing this NOW!

  2. *giggle*

    it just reminded me of one of my friends, who is a cross-dress, but not a trans, who started the "Mens Restroom Revolution (wanting mens rooms to hae the "ammenities" of women's restroms, like couches and working sinks) he would wander though the various clubs, recruiting men sick of the abso-fucking-lutely DISGUSTING mens rooms at these clubs, and he would cry out whenever he or a friend went into the men's restroom "Viva Le MensRoom Revolucion!"

    he had quit using the mens room you see, and no one cared because he wore a skirt most of the time. only when he was in pants would they try to send him to the mens. side note - all the transgenders, either/all sexes, used the women's.

    gtting fuzzy, if you want more about it let me know and i'll get all the details from him :)

  3. Why are men supposed to be happy peeing in restrooms that belong in war-torn third world nations?

    My husband and his friends once went into a restroom in a bar, came right back out, checked the woman's room, saw that it was much cleaner, and went in there.

    We got kicked out of the bar, but I don't see the problem- women's restrooms are all lockable stalls. Nobody's seeing anything.

  4. i know!
    the bars and clubs i went to (back when walking wasn't torture) we all essentially Goth or Punk bars, so there wasn't really an issue. a lot of guys went into the women's restroom.
    we went to a sports bar for karaoke, and got kicked out when my above mentioned friend went to the mens room, which was COATED in vomit, went into the womens room instead (which i would like to point out that these bathrooms were each single bathroom, only one door into it and thats the one you locked) and then told a staff member that the men's room was un-usable. when the staff person asked my friend what he did, that is when we got kicked out. it still seems silly, because each bathroom was exactly the same (except for the vomit)and only one person could go in each at a time.

    this is one of those places where i DO agree that "patriarchy hurts men too"; they think having a public restroom look WORSE than a toxic dump is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. *shudder* it's BEYOND gross.


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