Friday, February 6, 2009

Who Needs a Spanking?

This guy!

First of all, Atheist Stooges has 3 links to this blog under different names in the first 4". It's odd.

We start with this quote, which is absolutely laughable:

If Christianity is not true then it is a massive fraud and hoax perpetrated by evil men bent on making the world a place where Christ's commandment to ‘Love thy neighbor’ reigns supreme, which is the antithesis of the criminal mind, and hence the theory that Christianity is a fraud is entirely incompatible with logic and human nature.

Godspeed Dr. Kennedy

Or, Christianity, and religion as a whole, were created by ignorant, bronze age peoples who, lacking science and any understanding of the world, invented superstitions to explain and attempt to control the world around them. I don't think Christianity is the result of some deliberate plot, but I have to say, this asshat using "love they neighbor" as the example is really quite something else. You'll see.


First of all, apostrophe. Secondly, why would an omnipotent being need a hit list? Couldn't god just strike down anyone who pisses him off as easily as I snap my fingers? Also, the whole concept of the hit list of god creates a very uncomfortable theological situation. After all, what this asshat is saying is that death represents you losing and god winning. Except, everyone dies. So, either everyone is on god's hit list, or this asshat has reached new levels of asshattery.

Tristan Shuddery (He turned over to the dark side!) This is the link: “Life in the 21st century speeds along faster than Hillary Clinton will wind up in Hell.”Tristan Shuddery, January 2007 Hmmm . . . wouldn't hating Hillary Clinton put one on god's good side, at least in asshatland?

Madalyn Murray O’Hair (God Won) For those not in the know, the founder of American Atheists.

Michael Moore
Aaron Russo (God won - died of cancer!) if you follow the link, you'd think he'd be on asshats happy list. this is all so confusing.

Cindy Sheehan (Has publicly repented from her sins - God won!) Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace. The famous antiwar activist who parked herself outside W's house after her son was killed in Iraq. She did stop her protest, but I don't remember her publicly repenting. Anyway, passing judgment on Mrs. Sheehan is passing judgment on a woman deranged by grief for her dead son, and that requires me to say "walk a mile in her shoes".

Richard Dawkins (Faster than a monkeys uncle) Apparently not, cause, he's still alive.

Al Franken clearly godless- and funny!
Sam Harris his book is awesome, read it.
Boris Yeltsin (God Won) Boris Yeltsin? is this the golden oldies section?
Cho Seung-Hui (God Won) real classy, asshat. the student at Virginia Tech who committed mass murder.
Saddam Hussein (God Won) yeah, now al Queda actually is in Iraq. good for god.

Kurt Vonnegut (God Won) I'll admit it. Not a big Vonnegut fan. However, had god not "won", Vonnegut would have been 87. the average lifespan today is 76. see the point i'm trying to make?

George Soros as far as I can tell, Soros was an economist. not sure why he's on this list. maybe he was thinking of George Santayana?

Sheryl GAY Stolberg uh, her middle name actually is Gay. She's a columnist for the NY Times

Casper the Godless Pornographer asshat linked that to some random porn site, which I removed. (I prefer not to give my readers computer viruses.) I think he means pornographers in general.

Charles Darwin (God Won) who described a process god apparently put into place to trick us all! what is up with god? if Mr. Darwin were alive today, he would be 200.

Hemant Mehta a.k.a. The Friendly Atheist c'mon now, Mr. Mehta is awesome! seriously, if you haven't checked out the friendly atheist, go! what are you still doing here? Mehta is way better than me! and, how do i get myself on this list?

Americans United for Separation of Church and State because who doesn't love a good theocracy? oh, that's right, the people ruled by them.

Max Keiser as far as i can tell, Keiser is some sort of wingnut. you'd think asshat would be all over him.

Marcel Marceau (God Won) yes, the mime.

Kant had a first name, you know. let's try this again. Immanuel Kant, philosopher.

Voltaire(God Won) - His printing press which was to be used to destroy Christianity is now being used to print millions of Bibles! François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire was against atheism. As for the printing press, I have no freakin' idea what asshat's talking about.

Madonna (Hell doesn’t want her) welcome to 1993, when Madonna was Teh Evul.

This is absolutely going to be a multiple poster.


  1. Good god, what is that man talking about? I didn't even get to his rant on what atheism is or isn't, I barely made it down the list. I don't even understand why some of those people are on this "hit list" of his, though I do so love the fact that the Virgina Tech shooter is listed on a hit list. I'm kind of sick that way.

  2. Marcel Marceau?

    ... Really?

    ..... No, I mean, REALLY?

  3. the virginia tech shooter was the only possibly valid person on the list. as for marcel marceau, does god hate mimes or something? i spit latte all over my desk when i got to that.

  4. Of course God hates mimes. Come on.

  5. i know that mimes are unnatural, but . . . oh,that's right.

  6. You're not fond of Vonnegut? it goes.

  7. I know, it's shameful that I don't like Vonnegut. I feel that I should, but it's like wine- I know that wine is this sophisticated, enlightening experience . . . that tastes utterly gross to me. (I don't like any alcohol.)

    Then again, it's been a while since I tried any Vonnegut, so maybe I should try again. I'm not the same person I was then, so maybe I'd like it now.

    Can you forgive me?


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